Lanterns in the Mist

A Farewell to Ravengro

Monday, May 19, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

Gregore is preparing weapons, and Dragos goes in search of Tresselblade. Dragos doesn’t find Tresselblade, and he disturbs some farmers in the process. He does take tea with a family he stops to speak with.

Katarzyna finishes up at the school, and heads back to the estate. Kendra and Dragos aren’t at the estate when she arrives.

Victor knocks on Gregore’s door. Jominda is there to speak with him. He talks with her about the Splatter Man. She has brought a basket. She offers him a bite to eat. He grabs a cloak and he and leaves with Jominda to a spot in the woods near the town. Not secluded, but not in the open either. She flirts with him, he flirts back, after a fashion. He tells her that the group will be leaving town after a while. He mentions the Whispering Way, but Jominda appears not to know what he’s talking about. She is sad that the group is going to leave town relatively soon. She asks Gregore to escort her to the fair when it arrives the following week, on Friday. The fair is scheduled to be there the entire weekend. There will be the Crooked Kin and other groups offering games of chance. They return together to the Lorrimor Estate, since Jominda wants to see Katarzyna as well.

Dragos runs into Tresselblade in town. They practice a bit, and have dinner afterward. They go on a walk, and they get smoochey.

Gregore returns from his picnic with Jominda. Jominda has brought some fancy crackers and some preserves. Jominda and Katarzyna are joined by Gregore and Victor and they play parlor card games. Abner and Kendra return about an hour apart. Dragos returns after his date with Tresselblade. Dragos, Kendra and Abner join in the card games. Victor and Dragos clean up after the evening’s festivities.

Gregore walks Jominda home. There is no kiss, Gregore misses his cue. Gregore returns to the estate, but he notices the light from a smoke roll near Jominda’s house, no doubt Riff is keeping her house under surveillance. He goes back and scouts around the building, and sees the end of the smoke roll, but nothing else. He tries to scout around and pick up the trail of the smoker. As he’s investigating, Jominda comes to the window and talks with Gregore. She is visibly shaken by the idea of someone stalking her. He tells Jominda that the smoker was probably Riff, holding a grudge. Gregore searches the outside perimeter of the building, while Jominda checks the inside. She meets Gregore at the front door, bearing a coat pistol. Gregore tells Jominda that he has found nothing, and tells her to take extra precautions. Again, there is no kiss as they bid each other goodnight.

At the estate, everyone turns in for the night. Gregore finally returns to the estate and goes to bed.

Katarzyna stays awake for a little while, and regards the Splatter Man’s spellbook with trepidation. As she watches, the book begins to bleed. She feels a compulsion to help the Splatter Man. If she does so, she will be saved. If she slaughters an animal and splatters the blood on the memorial, the Splatter Man will show favor on her and she will be safe from the Splatter Man. Katarzyna goes down to the kitchen to grab a knife. Dragos hears her moving around in the hallway, and follows her downstairs. Dragos calls out to her as she’s rummaging around in the kitchen for a knife. He puts his hand on her shoulder.

Katarzyna spins around and sees a zombie in the kitchen. She tries to Disrupt Undead, but the zombie keeps coming, immune to her spell. She grabs a knife and lunges at the zombie.

Gregore arrives at that moment, and sees Katarzyna lunging at Dragos. Katarzyna hits Dragos/the zombie. Dragos attempts to grapple Katarzyna, and manages to successfully subdue her. She tries to use her Grave Touch ability, but fails.

Abner joins them in the kitchen. Katarzyna tries to break free of Dragos’ grapple. Dragos and Gregore continue to keep Katarzyna in check, while Abner goes to fetch rope to tie up Katarzyna. Gregore manages to pry the knife away from Katarzyna. They manage to tie up Katarzyna as she screams uncontrollably.

Gregore easily determines that Katarzyna is exhibiting the same symptoms as Gibs, that she is being subjected to influence from an outside spell or effect. Gregore carries her to a chaise longue.

Katarzyna returns to awareness a few minutes later. She notices that she’s in the study. Dragos moves to ungag Katarzyna. Katarzyna is quite contrite. As Gregore and Dragos are helping Katarzyna snap out of her fugue, there is a knock at the door. It is Riff and Vrodish. They tell them what happened, and Riff insists that Katarzyna should be in jail, like Gibs.

Tuesday, May 20, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

In the morning, Katarzyna is very fatigued, and unable to prepare spells. Gregore checks on her, and she is pale and wan, and clearly exhausted. Kendra, Gregore and Dragos talk about what to do about Katarzyna, since she is clearly unable to do anything that day. Gregore gives Katarzyna a suggestion that the Splatter Man is weak, and the he won’t be able to gain the upper hand again.

Abner goes into town, and leaves Gregore in charge of the soup. Gregore manages to finish the soup with no problem. Abner returns with Sherriff Benjan. Benjan looks harried and tired. He speaks with Gregore and Abner about some trouble over at Jominda’s Apothecary. Someone threw something through one of Jominda’s windows. Gregore tells Benjan that he believes Riff might be responsible for the vandalism. He also talks to them about Katarzyna’s condition. He tells them that if Katarzyna does anything while she is under the influence of the spell effect, they are responsible, if they decline to have her incarcerated. The group dotes on Katarzyna during the day, and try to cheer her up.

As the day winds down, they all turn in for the night. In the evening, Luthko and Marta Avanaki arrive, who bring a card for Katarzyna from the kids.

Wednesday, May 21, 758, Ravengro, Ustalev

In the morning, Gregore hears a scream from Abner’s room. He rushes down to the den and checks on Abner. He tells Gregore that he must have slept on his neck wrong. Gregore notices a red line across Abner’s neck, that is quickly fading. Abner doesn’t seem to have any recollection of a bad dream or anything, he tells Gregore that he seldom remembers his dreams. Abner definitely seems a bit more frail than normal. Gregore notices that Abner doesn’t seem as healthy as he normally does.

Katarzyna awakes refreshed, and starts preparing her spells. As Dragos goes downstairs, he notices Gregore giving Abner an examination. Kendra helps Katarzyna gets ready, and she takes measurements so that Victor can order some breeches for Katarzyna to be made.

They all head toward Harrowstone, and Riff wishes them a good journey as they leave. They greet her and continue on, confused at her seeming cooperative attitude. Along the way they chat about the complicated situation among Riff, Benjan, Jominda and Gregore.

They arrive at the prison, and enter the prison. They make their way to the lift, and make their way down the ladder.

UPRISING CARD. +1 to Attack and Damage for one battle. If they are outnumbered, the card grants a +2 for the battle. All party members must agree to use the card.

They regroup in the hallway, and head toward the vestibule. Gregore suggests they take the secret tunnel to the east. They make their way down the Reaper’s Hold hallway. They find the torture chamber room and the tunnel. They make their way through the rough tunnel to a rough open chamber. There is an exit from the chamber on the other side of the chamber. Everyone notices an ooze just before it attacks. The ooze attacks Gregore. After a fierce battle, they finally disable the ooze. Gregore’s mace is somewhat damaged from the ooze attack, while Dragos’ staff is heavily damaged. Kendra retrieves the damaged armor and weapons, and sprinkles a powder on the damage from the acid, neutralizing the acid.

Abner finds the back side of a secret door. He doesn’t see any traps on the door. Abner opens the door, and they enter a cell. It doesn’t look like it’s ever been used. Through the barred door, they see a chamber beyond. The door appears to be hanging askew. Gregore pushes through the hanging door, and they find themselves in a partially ruined cellblock. There is a shallow pool in the southeast corner of the room, and there is water in the oubliette hole, filling it almost to the rim. As they are investigating the room, they see the letter A forming in blood on the wall. They also see two Ks forming on other walls. More letters appear, and Katarzyna is screaming and bleeding. Kendra’s name and Abner’s names start to form and almost complete. Katarzyna continues to rip pages out of the spellbook. Eventually they destroy the names, and the Splatter Man rises out of the flooded oubliette. He vows to destroy Katarzyna, and heads straight for her and the book. The Splatter Man takes damage, and he sends gruesome dire rats to attack the group. Katarzyna continues to rip pages out of the book. Dragos uses his Judgement when he attacks the Splatter Man. The Splatter Man grievously wounds Dragos, Abner and Gregore and different times during the battle, but Gregores healing energy helps them hold the line against the evil spectre. After Katarzyna rips out the seventh of the nine spells, there is a pulse of positive energy that tears through the entire complex, and then an image of Vesorianna appears out of the flooded oubliette. She tells them that they have defeated the last of the haunts, and she slowly fades as she bids them farewell. The Warden’s badge of office slowly descends to the floor of the chamber as Vesorianna fades away.

Kendra and Abner decide to swim down into the oubliette, to see if there is any treasure at the bottom of the oubliette.

Gregore and Katarzyna go looking for something to use as a basket to help ferry items out of the flooded oubliette. They don’t find anything in the torture room, but in the guard room, they find a cot that they cobble together with silk rope to form a basket to lower into the flooded oubliette. Gregore goes back to the guard room, destroys the table and brings back the wood to build a fire. They all work together to create the basket and the means to descend quickly to the bottom. Abner and Kendra start to fill the basket, and ascend to the surface. Gregore and Dragos lift the basket out of the water. There is a rib cage, a long sword, a mithril dagger, and a ring. The latter three items glow with magical energy. Kendra and Abner dry off, and they all spend some time investigating the Nevermore area looking for evidence of the Whispering Way. They don’t find anything, so they decide to go back up to the main level, and they walk outside to a drab, light rain. They decide to investigate the watch towers and the wall surrounding the prison. The first watch tower is empty, the north tower seems infested with rats. There doesn’t seem to be anything worth seeing at the rat infested tower. They decide to head back to town, after discussing the situation.

They make it back to the estate. They all decide to get cleaned up and go into town. Kendra goes into the kitchen and retrieves a wooden box, lined in velvet. She draws out a beautiful bottle of 30-year-old scotch. They all partake of the scotch. Gregore goes upstairs and brings Illindri down, so she can be a part of the festivities. She hands out glasses of scotch to everyone. She corks the bottle after everyone has a glass. They decide to invite Jominda and Tresselblade, and Abner, Kendra and Victor go the market to buy some food. Katarzyna goes and talks to Father Grimburrow, to tell him the basics of what happened at Harrowstone. Gregore and Dragos remain at the estate with Illindri. They talk about her treatment, and what Gregore’s plans are regarding that treatment.

Everyone returns to the estate, and Kendra tells them that Jominda has been invited and a note has been left for Tresselblade. They bring a package for Katarzyna, it is green velvet breeches. Katarzyna and Kendra have summer wine in the kitchen, then go out onto the porch and have a quiet moment of reflection in the waning hours of the afternoon.

Gregore returns to the crate of books and the Professor’s library. Kendra looks at the items from the flooded oubliette. The longsword belonged to Lyvar Hawkran, and he called it Talon. It is an ensorcelled blade, known to cut keen and true (1 Keen longsword). The dagger and ring belonged to Lyvar Hawkran. The dagger was a badge of office of the Burghers of Argyll (1 mithril dagger). The ring is a ring of protection. Kendra invites Gregore and Illindri out onto the porch, and they all partake of summer wine, except Gregore. Gregore continues to read the Professor’s journal. As they are all sitting on the porch, Riff wanders by, and is hostile toward Katarzyna and Gregore. Katarzyna is placatory, unsuccessfully, while Gregore is actively antagonistic. Riff leaves with her typical surly demeanor. Tresselblade walks by, and Katarzyna makes certain to let her know that she is invited to their little get-together. When Tresselblade learns that she is one of only two invitees, she is overjoyed.

Jominda is the first to arrive. Katarzyna greets her warmly, and asks about her injury. Katarzyna insists that Gregore check Jominda’s injury. He has to remove her stocking to check her foot. He heals her injury, and she gives him a kiss on top of his head. They chat and giggle for a little while before they rejoin the party.

They open up the parlor, and Kendra plays the harpsichord a bit. Dragos and Tressleblade disappear for a bit during the festivities. Gregore walks Jominda home. He spies Riff sitting in front of the jailhouse. She nods in his direction. Gregore offers to look around her house to make sure there is nothing amiss. Everything seems okay. Gregore offers to use his power to repair the damage. Since she threw away the pieces to the window. She offers to let him stay—and he does so.

Tresselblade and Katarzyna chat a bit, and Katarzyna inadvertently reveals her impatience with her. She tries to do damage control, and makes Tresselblade feel better. After Tresselblade heads up to

They all have a restful night, untroubled by bad dreams.

Thursday, May 22, 758, Ravengro, Ustalev

They all awake refreshed. Katarzyna is not even majorly hungover, though she imbibed a bit the night before. She and Kendra talk about spell preparation.

Gregore awakes late in the morning at Jominda’s house. He overhears her talking to someone downstairs. He waits until he hears the customer leave, then he goes downstairs, where Jominda greets him warmly. She is in a very pleasant mood. They chat a bit and share bread and preserves. Gregore decides to return home around noon. Jominda waits on a few customers while they have tea. She gives him a draught for Katarzyna, for her inevitable headache. Gregore asks if there was any trouble during the night. Jominda tries to act as though nothing happened, but Gregore sees through her pitiful attempt to hide anything from him. She says she’s not missing anything that she can see, but someone could easily have pinched small amounts of various things. Gregore leaves the house, and he spies over at the Sherriff’s office, Benjan and Riff standing on the porch. Gregore notices a definite reaction from Benjan, a few different reactions, actually. Riff smirks in Gregore’s direction. Gregore throws a rude gesture at Riff. Gregore goes and inspects the area under the window that was open when Jominda awoke. Gregore, though he investigates the area thoroughly, doesn’t find anything of interest at the window. He goes back inside the shop and talks with Jominda. Jominda is embarrassed at the problems she’s causing, but Gregore makes her feel better. He assures her that he wants to see her again.

Gregore goes over to the Sherriff’s office. He overhears Riff tell Benjan that “he’ll find a woman more worthy of him”. As Gregore approaches, the Sherriff stands up. Benjan is curt, but professional with Gregore. He assures Gregore that he isn’t upset with the goings-on between Gregore and Jominda. Benjan behaves quite gentlemanly toward Gregore.

Katarzyna comes downstairs for breakfast. She hears Kendra outside, and when she comes in, she tells Katarzyna that she’s attempting to throw some pottery. Katarzyna chats with her on the terrace for a bit.

Gregore returns home, and everyone has finished breakfast. He goes upstairs to look for his scarab charm amongst his things. He notices that his armor is on an armor stand, and that it has been repaired. The mace has not been repaired, but there is a not stating that Gregore ought to take the mace to Jorfa. Gregore takes all of his items out and spreads them out, so he can search for the scarab charm. He finally locates it among his things. He turns it over in his hands, and tries to remember the passphrase that activates the scarab. He goes down to the study where Katarzyna is studying spells. He goes to the study and compares the scarab charm to the one on the mysterious book. Gregore tells Kendra about the scarab charm, and his desire to have Father Grimburrow hypnotize him to recollect the passphrase that activates the scarab. As they discuss the properties of the scarab, Kendra tells Gregore and Katarzyna that she doesn’t know why Professor Lorrimor gave Gregore the pendant. Professor Lorrimor had been a member of the Order of the Palatine Eye. Kendra herself is a on her way to becoming a member of the Palatine Eye. The mysterious book is a codex of the Palatine Eye. It is a secret society based in Ustalav. Kendra doesn’t know why her father gave the scarab to Gregore, but thinks it might be related to the book. Kendra thinks that the thing to do with the scarab is to investigate the matter further in a larger city.

Kendra talks to them about Abner. She’s worried he won’t give up the axe willingly. She also noticed that Abner was sweating profusely that morning. She wants Gregore to take a look at him. Gregore goes to the kitchen to have a look at Abner. Abner tells Gregore that he doesn’t feel well. After he completes his tasks, he goes to have Gregore look him over. Gregore determines that Abner probably has filth fever, that he probably contracted from the rats in the prison. Abner and Gregore leave to go to the temple.

Kendra and Katarzyna have a private conversation about her possibly joining the Order of the Palatine Eye.

Father Grimburrow attempts to help Abner overcome his affliction, using his cleric abilities. He takes Gregore aside to tell him that he wants Gregore to return the following day to try to take the axe away. They talk about the specific way to get Abner back. He also gives the holy symbols from Father Charlatan to Father Grimburrow. He tells Gregore to prepare a lesser restorative spell to help Abner the following day. Gregore heads back to the estate, on the way, he stops by Jorfa’s smithy. She tells him that the ooze they encountered was probably a grey ooze. She tells him that he’ll probably need a new haft and some other repairs. It will cost 15 GP to fix. Jorfa is mock displeased that Kendra repaired Gregore’s armor with magical means, and Gregore doesn’t realize that at first. He also goes to Jominda’s shop to start his studies with regards to herbalism. They run into Dragos and Tresselblade during their walk. Tresselblade has a rising welt on her face. It’s clear that they had been sparring, and Dragos is being apologetic toward her. Gregore and Jominda continue their walk, and she talks to him at length about the various collection techniques for various herbs.

Kendra and Katarzyna decide to take a walk to the Horgan estate. They discover Abner’s affliction.

Friday, May 23, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

In the morning, they hear a disturbance coming from the downstairs. Gregore goes down to check on Abner. It’s Abner, he says he “slept on his neck wrong” again. Gregore sees the red line on his neck again. He tells Abner that they will go to the Temple again. On his way up the stairs, he runs into Kendra, and tells her that he’s going to pray for spells. She decides to run down and check on Abner. After a few minutes, the sound of people going up and down the stairs wakes Katarzyna. She knocks on Kendra’s door, and talks with her about Abner’s condition. She volunteers to go with them to the Temple of Pharasma, if for nothing else to give moral support to Abner.

After Gregore finishes preparing his spells, he performs his restoration spells on Abner. Katarzyna joins them in the foyer, and they all leave for the temple. It’s still early, and they arrive at the temple while the clerics are performing their morning mass. They pass Gheren Muracar on the way, he greets them in his inimitable creepy way. The morning mass is over at about 9 in the morning, so they have a while to wait. Father Grimburrow notices the line on Abner’s neck. He starts to do his prayers on Abner. Father Grimburrow takes the axe away from Abner, and he seems to be okay. An acolyte takes the axe and wraps it in a cloth. Abner is still feeling quite rough after the curse is removed. He is thankful to Father Grimburrow, and promises to work off the debt, though Father Grimburrow doesn’t ask him to.

They leave the temple and head over to the town square. Kendra and Katarzyna decide to get some clothes made at the Avanakis. Gregore asks them to have a set of traveling clothes made for himself and Illindri. As they’re standing around in the town square, they notice that wagons have started to congregate in the field just east of the town square. Gregore goes to Jorfa’s shop, but the mace isn’t ready. He promises to return the following day to pick up the mace. As he’s finishing up with Jorfa, he sees a couple of Vistani coming from the field. They are heading toward the Avanaki’s shop, and a few more are heading toward Jominda’s Apothecary. Gregore stops into the Avanaki’s, and is ignored by the Vistani. The Vistana who isn’t flirting with the women goes up to Marta and Luthko and presents him with a list of supplies. Luthko starts gathering supplies, as the Vistana gives Gregore a stony glare. He tries to intimidate Gregore on his way out, and the trio leave. Gregore gets himself some clothes and orders a set for Illindri.

Gregore goes into Jominda’s shop. The Vistani who are bargaining with Jominda glance coldly at him, and their demeanor changes toward Jominda after she gives Gregore a kiss. They quickly finish their business and leave. Jominda talks with Gregore about life as a half-blood Vistani. Gregore tells her that Kendra and Katarzyna are next door, so Jominda pops over to the Avanaki’s and chats with them for a while. She loses track of time a bit, and talks briefly with Luthko. She then returns to her shop and relieves Gregore of his duties. She presents him with a whalebone brush, telling him that he has lovely hair. She asks him to dinner. She will cook, and he will bring wine. He teases her as he leaves, and she teases him back.

Kendra and Katarzyna finish up at the Avanaki’s, and they notice Sherriff Benjan at his office. Katarzyna goes over to him and starts chatting with him about Beatrycze, the teacher at the school. As she’s talking with him, Riff comes out, and Katarzyna’s demeanor changes rapidly. She asks to make a formal complaint about Riff’s behavior the previous day. Riff is petulant and confrontational initially, but as Katarzyna sits down with Benjan to lodge a formal complaint against Riff, she “apologizes” to Katarzyna, and Katarzyna “forgives” her and withdraws the complaint.

Gregore, Kendra, Katarzyna and Abner talk about the confrontation between Katarzyna and Riff. Kendra and Katarzyna decide to go talk to Beatrycze. As Gregore and Abner are conferring in the parlor, they overhear the caller for the Crooked Kin hawking for the carnival troupe. A tall, gangly man with large hands loudly advertises the attractions as he sits atop a wagon with some of the carnival workers. One woman waves from the wagon with four arms.

In the afternoon, Gregore goes over to the Laughing Demon to get some wine for his dinner with Jominda. He picks up a nice Borcan red and a nice Lamordian white. He has a nice chat with Zokar, and tells him that he will be escorting Jominda to the fair. They also speak briefly about Dragos, and his dalliance with Tresselblade.

Kendra and Katarzyna go over and talk with Beatrycze, and she agrees to go with them to the fair the following day. They will meet at sunset in the center of the town square. Back at the house, they decide to make dinner for Abner, since he’s still feeling under the weather.

Gregore arrives for dinner, and Jominda welcomes him warmly. She has prepared a leg of lamb with mint jelly, quarter potatoes and asparagus, and it’s…average. They enjoy a nice romantic evening, in spite of the less-than-stellar cooking. They decide to finish the less-than-amazing meal. Gregore stays with Jominda that night.

Meanwhile, Katarzyna and Kendra’s cooking attempt is…not half bad. Abner, Victor and even Illindri seem to enjoy it.

Saturday, May 24, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

Gregore swings by Jorfa’s place in the morning, as he leaves Jominda’s place. He pays for the repairs to his mace.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day as everyone in town is excited about the

Abner, Katarzyna and Kendra all go to the town square as evening draws near. Gregore is wearing his traveling clothes. Beatrycze arrives, wearing a fetching ensemble, and they all go into the carnival. There are tricksters and taroka readers. It costs an additional silver to see the Crooked Kin. The Crooked Kin are all deformed humanoid creatures. Katarzyna is fascinated by them, and more than a little sad at their apparent condition.

Gregore and Jominda quickly take their leave of the freak exhibit, and Dragos and Tresselblade have already disappeared. Gregore attempts to win a prize for Jominda.

Katarzyna engineers a conversation between herself, Kendra, Beatrycze and Benjan. It quickly becomes apparent that she completely misread the potential between the two, as they don’t seem to respond to one another at all. Katarzyna is quite crestfallen at her failure, so she decides to salvage the night by getting to know Beatrycze better.

Gregore tries his hand at the games, and wins a small stuffed animal for Jominda. Abner also tries his hand at the game, and wins a larger bear for Katarzyna.

Katarzyna decides to have her tarokka read. Madame Magda pulls The Sickness as her first card. It is her past. The second card she pulls is her recent past, and shows the juggler, showing that she has been juggling problems. The third card is The Betrayal. It speaks of a talent that she possesses. She works at cross purposes to others on her path. The fourth card is The Inquisitor. This card shows where she is going, it personifies who she is, an immutable reality, it says she is “misaligned”. They all go have funnel cakes after the reading.

Gregore is given a cold reception by the Vistani working the carnival. The rest of the evening passes without incident. They leave the carnival and go to the Outward Inn for drinks after visiting the carnival. They hear that a much rowdier crowd is living it up at the Laughing Demon.

Gregore overhears mocking laughter and some conversation at the Outward Inn, or rather outside of it. The others, except for Katarzyna, also hear some commotion. They go into the alleyway between the General Store and the Outward Inn. Gregore sees a tall figure, and hears a Vistani voice. They also hear whimpering. Gregore is addressed in Vistani, and told to stay away. They recognize the tall figure as the ringleader of the freak sideshow. There are also three females with microcephaly, or ‘pinhead’ syndrome. All of the girls seem to be in emotional distress. Gregore recognizes the same Vistani who had harrassed him in the general store. Katarzyna notices that the sideshow ringleader appears to be in a submissive position with relation to the Vistani. She confronts the aggressive Vistani, and Gregore starts to cast a spell, escalating the situation. Katarzyna also casts a spell, mage armor. Tresselblade steps into the fray, and tries to defuse the situation. She tells the tall man and the three girls to walk some distance away while she deals with the others.

Tresselblade talks to Gregore, and asks him to release the Vistani. He does so, reluctantly. As he does so, he says, “and remember, a ‘half-breed’ did this”. Katarzyna and Gregore each think that the Vistani may have given Gregore the ‘evil eye’, and perhaps a curse. They make sure that the sideshow performers get back to their wagon unmolested.

Kendra takes Katarzyna’s arms, and they start to head for the Lorrimor Estate. Gregore offers his arm, and takes Jominda home, staying at her place. Abner is nowhere to be seen.

Sunday, May 25, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

Gregore awakes before Jominda, so he gets up and makes coffee. Gregore hears Jominda gasp behind him, and he turns around. She doesn’t seem to recognize Gregore at first. Jominda goes and gets a hand mirror, and shows Gregore that his hair has turned mostly white. Jominda is quite worried by the development. She asks about the Vistani incident the previous night. Gregore has a brief conversation and heads back to the Lorrimor Estate.

When Katarzyna awakes, Gregore is already there and talking with Dragos, and Dragos is ready to roll on the Vistani. Gregore goes to prepare his spells.

There is a knock on the door, Kendra answers. It’s Sherriff Benjan, and he asks about the situation of the previous night. Katarzyna notices that Abner isn’t there, and wonders about breakfast. Benjan mentions that he had walked Beatrycze home the previous night. He asks them to meet him at the gazebo in the center of the town square.

Victor makes breakfast. It is…breakfast. Katarzyna is unable to hide her disappointment, and Victor is miffed.

Gregore, Dragos, Kendra and Katarzyna head to the center of town. There is a thick blanket of fog clinging to the ground. Benjan is at the gazebo, as expected. He hasn’t seen Abner. They head over to the Vistani camp. Vrodish is also with them as they head toward the camp. There are people working in the camp, Katarzyna notices the three girls from the previous night, they seem to be okay. Benjan approaches a Vistani. There is a dancing girl gathering her veils, she takes notice of Gregore’s white hair. Gregore asks the girl about the Vistani from the previous night. He speaks in Common at first, but then switches to Vistani after she mentions that she doesn’t speak Common. She doesn’t know where the man is. She mentions that the man is a hothead.

An elderly woman approaches and asks what is going on. Kendra bows to the woman, and seems to know her. They have a converstion in Vistani. Gregore notices that Kendra has a good command of the Vistani language. The elderly woman invites them into her wagon. Dragos, Gregore, Kendra, Katarzyna and Benjan go into the wagon. She has incense. She speaks to Gregore about Radu, the Vistani man from the night before. The woman looks at Gregore’s hand and looks at his face. She then stares into his eyes for awhile, then looks at his hair. She asks what Gregore did to Radu to cause him to place the curse on him. She has switched to Common to include the others. Katarzyna talks to the elderly woman, and mentions that she was worried about the safety of the sideshow performers. She tells them that Radu has taken off. Katarzyna and Dragos chime in the conversation. The woman does not appear receptive to them. She mentions that they are all ‘touched by darkness” and that perhaps the pathways through the Mist had led them all to one another. She also says that Radu can lift the curse, but there are other ways to get around the curse. She asks the others to leave so she can be alone with Gregore.

Katarzyna goes to the Outward Inn to buy some pastries to give to the three sideshow girls. She buys enough pastries for herself and the storytelling woman. She walks over to them and gives the pastries to the girls and to the woman who introduces herself as Lydia. Letty, Poppy and Allyse are the girls names. Allyse is overjoyed at the pastry and her sweet smile lights up the area. The two conjoined twins walk over and Katarzyna greets them warmly, even speaking High Mordentish with them for a brief while. Their names are Corva and Pontia.

Dragos takes a look around the camp, and sees the four-armed girl and the four-legged girl. The four-legged girl’s name is Annika. Her doll has two extra legs as well. She tells Dragos that the doll’s name is “Anna”. The conjoined twins approach and Corva tells Dragos that the girl is from Nova Vaasa. She asks if he is Borcan, and he says that he is. He chats with them, and he flirts with them for awhile. They tell him that they are Mordentish, but their family is originally from Lamordia. They fled Mordent due to the war with Falkovnia, the war that Abner fought in.

In the wagon, Gregore is told that the way to avert the curse is to simply stay away from Radu. To end the curse, he has to confront Radu, and have him lift it. He asks the elderly woman about Illindri. He tells her about the incident with Illindri and the fiddle. He asks if there is any Vistani remedy for Illindri’s condition. She says she would have to meet her, but asks him why she would do that. He tries to explain that Illindri was not acting of her own volition. She doesn’t seem receptive to the idea. She tells him that if he wants her help, that he must give his word that he will not hurt Radu. He does so, and leaves the wagon.

Gregore steps out of the wagon, and Dragos asks if he’s alright. They gather to discuss their next move. Dragos notices Abner off in the distance smoking, and starts walking in his general direction. He waves to the others to follow, then notices that Abner is leaving the spot he was at, and Dragos takes off after him. The others catch up with Dragos, and since Benjan is with them, Dragos tries some misdirection, but it doesn’t go very well. Benjan leaves in a rather disgruntled fashion. Dragos then informs Gregore, Kendra and Katarzyna that it was Abner that he say, and sends Gregore, Kendra and Katarzyna after him.

Gregore, Kendra and Katarzyna turn a corner, and see Abner near Jorfa’s forge. They approach him and he tells them that he had followed Radu and Mikhel, the other Vistani. He was spotted by them, and he was wounded slightly by them. He tells them that they have a camp outside of town. They decide to approach Benjan. Gregore talks with him briefly, and they decide to head over to the elderly Vistani woman’s wagon and tell her of Radu’s whereabouts. Abner and Katarzyna decide to go for coffee, while Dragos, Kendra, and Gregore go back to the Vistani camp. Gregore tells her about Radu’s camp. She tells a young man whose name is also Gregore that he is to accompany them when they confront Radu. When they find Abner and Katarzyna, New Gregore is quite flirtatious with her.

As they enter the forests, there is quite a bit of Mist. New Gregore does some tracking, and they find a locale where the mist and the forest thin a bit. He hears a noise, and they all go on high alert. New Gregore does find Radu, and they exchange words in Vistani. The others enter the clearing, and Radu challenges him. Dragos tries to speak on Gregore’s behalf. Katarzyna also interjects at one point, and Radu seems to soften slightly for a minute. He demands a “sincere apology” from Gregore, and Gregore does his best to give a convincing apology. Radu is not convinced. Gregore leaves Radu’s bivouac. Katarzyna goes after Gregore, and they both promptly get lost in the Mist. New Gregore finds them both, and he convinces Gregore to issue a challenge to Radu. He also kisses Katarzyna’s hand and promises to see her later. New Gregore delivers the challenge to Radu, which is to take place to unconsciousness or submission at 4 p.m. that day. New Gregore offers to be Gregore’s second.

Back in town, the Mist has thinned a bit. New Gregore takes their leave of them. Gregore decides to go to Alendru Ghoroven’s shop. He greets Gregore warmly. He talks about the golem book. Alendru still refuses to part with the book. Alendru is very resistant. A very heated discussion ensues. They ultimately decide to purchase the book from Alendru, and return to the estate to get the coin. When they arrive, there is a visitor on the porch. He gives his name as Mikayus. He asks if they are the heroes who defeated the ghosts at the prison. They invite Mikayus in, and they gather in the den.

Mikayus tells them that he speaks for the Tiboros family of southern Ustalav. He says he is from Illmarsh. He took a boat from Illmarsh. He tells them that he had been engaged by the Tiboros family to look into the affairs of their youngest daughter Anya. A year prior, she married a man from Lozeri, the state between Lepidstadt and Ravengro. Two months ago, she gave birth to a son, and were recieving weekly notes since. Anya started mentioning that her husband was becoming paranoid and suffering from erratic behavior. They don’t want to involve officials because of a complicated political situation. He asks them to travel to the barony to ensure the girl’s safety. He offers them 5000 gold to investigate and render aid, if it’s necessary. There is a trail that goes into the forest that leads to Karpad, that is more direct than the river route. Kendra tells them that she has heard of Karpad, that it’s one of the towns that got its start from Baron Stefan Barroye, who fought in the Caliban incursions. Karpad has a sizable Caliban population. She thinks there might be some questionable activities in towns in the woods. She thinks that location is known for the worship of Zon Kuthon. The Umbral Leaves is Zon Kuthon’s holy book. It’s a religion of self-mutilition. Women of the societies cut off the fourth and fifth fingers to show that they don’t engage in labor. Ritual scarring is also commonplace in the societies.

Kendra tells Gregore that he should get his armor oiled again. Victor tells him that he has made lunch for them all…except Katarzyna. She is VERY miffed at Victor, and refuses to eat lunch, stating that she isn’t even hungry anyway.

Gregore and Katarzyna head into town on separate errands, Gregore to meet with Jominda, Katarzyna to the Laughing Demon. There is a commotion, and Gregore and Katarzyna both head that direction. Benjan is there with Vrodish, and a horse is dispatched to fetch Father Grimburrow. It turns out that Beatrycze is very ill, and Gregore takes Benjan’s horse to get there quickly. Jominda asks what’s happening, and Katarzyna tells her of Beatrycze’s illness. She then follows Benjan and Vrodish to the home of Beatrycze. Gregore determines that Beatrycze has been poisoned, and Mirta tells him that she only came to check on her because she was late for an appointment. Gregore and Mirta discuss her condition at length, and he continues to evaluate her condition.

A short while later, Benjan, Vrodish and Katarzyna arrive. Katarzyna sees Kendra on the front porch of the estate, and beckons to her. Dragos’ father alerts him to the commotion. He sees Abner downstairs, and they both decide to go to the house. Gregore tells Katarzyna to run to get his healer’s kit from his room, and runs into Dragos on the way.

Kendra runs upstairs. Gregore tells her that Beatrycze has been poisoned with ungal dust. Gregore deduces that she has been given a huge dose of the poison. Kendra helps clear the room. Katarzyna and Dragos enter the room with the healer’s kit, Dragos holding his side and clearly very winded, Katarzyna not even breathing hard. Gregore administers a dose of antitoxin. Kendra starts to show symptoms of the poison and Gregore immediately sends Mirta, Katarzyna and Abner out of the room. He also tells them to get the supplies from Jominda as soon as she arrives.

Katarzyna starts questioning the staff about unusual visitors. She also asks Benjan about Beatrycze’s demeanor the previous evening when he walked her home. Because of Kendra’s immediate reaction to the poison, Katarzyna speculates that she ingested the poison very recently. Jominda arrives and Katarzyna tells her about the ungal dust and starts to get to work on some kind of remedy. Katarzyna helps Jominda with the task.

Father Grimburrow arrives at the schoolhouse, and is ushered up to the room. Another Pharasma cleric is with him. They both check Beatrycze and Kendra, and determines that they are both past the worst of the poison. He gives Beatrycze a drink to soothe her stomach and relax her.

Jominda and Katarzyna go up to sickbed. She tells them that those affected by the ungal dust need to inhale the dust she prepared. Gregore, Kendra and Beatrycze all inhale the dust. Grimburrow tells them that some of the scarring might be permanent. Katarzyna tells Gregore that she will stay with Beatrycze, since Gregore has to leave to fight Radu. Kendra and Dragos investigate the room to try to determine how Beatrycze’s bed was laced with the dust

Katarzyna and Jominda encounter Riff, and Katarzyna is VERY cold in her reception toward Riff. Riff leaves to find the Sherriff. Dragos sees Riff as she’s walking between the buildings. She and Dragos talk, and she tries to throw shade on Jominda. Riff claims that Jominda had poisoned herself, Tresselblade and Vrodish. Riff is deliberately passive aggressive with Dragos, and he matches wits with her. After

Gregore makes his way toward the meeting point with Radu, with Abner by his side. There are two Vistani guarding the entrance to the carnival, and they let them in. They summon New Gregore, and he is disappointed that Katarzyna is not with them. New Gregore asks after Katarzyna, and inquires whether Dragos is her man. The Crooked Kin and several Vistani are present. New Gregore announces Gregore, and Radu is present, shirtless, shoeless, and without a weapon in hand.

Katarzyna pulls the Sherriff aside and shares her concerns about Riff, but is not receptive to her hypothesis. Katarzyna and Riff have a tense but outwardly civil exchange outside of Beatrycze’s sick room, and Katarzyna heads toward the town square. As she’s about to turn toward the carnival camp, she turns instead toward Alendru Ghorovan’s shop.

At the carnival camp, the matriarch Rozalina tells those present that she would prefer that the combatants fight without weapons altogether. Dragos quickly concurs. The fight begins, and Gregore lands a solid hit in the first exchange. Radu gives as good as he got in the next exchange, and they find themselves pretty evenly matched. The fight goes poorly for Gregore, as Radu is able to get in two hits for every one that Gregore lands. Gregore eventually prevails, though, and is declared the winner of the fight. At the end of the fight, Jominda rushes in and hugs Gregore, berating him all the while.

There’s no answer when Katarzyna knocks at the Unfurling Scroll, so she goes to the Laughing Demon. Zokar asks Katarzyna who won the fight, and at first doesn’t realize what fight he’s talking about. Zokar gives her a Dragon’s Breath beverage. There is a dragonfruit with a Light spell in the drink. As she’s in the Laughing Demon, she’s approached by Gibs, who apologizes for his behavior when he was under the control of the ghost. She offers to buy Gibs a drink in the spirit of starting over, and he insists on buying her a drink.

Dragos asks Vrodish about Tresselblade’s whereabouts, and finds out that Tresselblade is at her house, so he heads toward the Laughing Demon. Vrodish is happy that Gregore won the fight, as he has won a month’s wages.

Dragos joins Katarzyna and Gibs at the bar. Tresselblade joins them, and then shortly thereafter they are joined by Jominda and Gregore, and then by Abner and New Gregore. Jominda buys Katarzyna another drink, and then Katarzyna excuses herself. While she is in the bathroom, Riff arrives and approaches Gregore and Jominda, being passive aggressive and fake nice to them. Dragos invites Riff to join them for a drink, and she does join them. Riff even buys Gregore a drink. Katarzyna hears Riff with her party, so she leaves the bar without going back to the bar. No one notices her leave. Riff loudly proclaims a toast to the “heroes”. No one is fooled by her antics, but they go along with it as the bar erupts in cheers for them.

Katarzyna sees Kendra sitting in a wagon. They talk for a bit. Katarzyna is pensive and sad, now that she’s sobered up again. They talk about Riff a bit, and Katarzyna wonders aloud if she has been unfair in her assessment of Riff, and Kendra reminds her that Gregore found evidence that Riff had broken into Jominda’s shop, and that items may have been stolen during that break-in.

Dragos notices that Katarzyna had left the bar, and Tresselblade runs into Dragos as he goes out to check on Katarzyna. Dragos and Tresselblade talk a bit. They decide to go to the carnival, Dragos lets everyone at the table know where they’re going. Dragos pays the bar tab before he leaves. New Gregore is bummed that Katarzyna has disappeared again.

Kendra and Katarzyna return to the estate, and Kendra plays the piano to soothe Katarzyna’s frayed nerves. Abner returns shortly thereafter, and he makes some food for Katarzyna.

Dragos and Tresselblade have a nice time at the carnival. They watch the exotic dancer, and Dragos tries to see if Tresselblade would do a dance like that. She shuts him down. She does take him to a hot springs.

Monday, May 26, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

Jominda arrives early and comes up to Katarzyna’s room. They talk for a little while. Abner prepares breakfast for all of them, and it is WONDERFUL. Katarzyna is deliriously happy with the breakfast.

Dragos and Tresselblade awake to a knock at her door. Tresselblade greets Benjan, who says that they have to bring Jominda in. Tresselblade and Dragos talk about the situation with Jominda, and Dragos tells her that he will let Gregore and the others know. Dragos goes over to Jominda’s house, and is interrupted by Benjan and Tresselbade as he is trying to climb up to the second floor. Benjan tells Dragos that Jominda’s hairpin was found at the scene of Beatrycze’s poisoning.

Gregore goes to the church with Illindri, and then goes to Beatrycze’s bedside to remove the lingering effects of her poisoning. Vrodish is there. As he’s there, Mirta tells Gregore that Victor is there. Victor tells him that Jominda has been arrested. Gregore immediately leaves to go to Jominda’s shop.

Dragos arrives at the Lorrimor Estate, and talks to Kendra. Sherriff Benjan walks into the kitchen and lets them know that Jominda is under suspicion for Beatrycze’s poisoning. Dragos, Abner and Kendra accompany Benjan to Jominda’s house. Tresselblade stays at the estate with Jominda, Katarzyna and Victor.

Gregore runs into Riff as he’s approaching Jominda’s shop. They have a heated exchange, and Gregore blatantly accuses Riff of being the author of all the unfortunate events. He then goes into the shop and speaks with Benjan, Kendra, Dragos and Abner, just as they’ve discovered a closed box under the front counter. Gregore gives Benjan an impassioned plea on Jominda’s behalf. Benjan is sympathetic, but he insists on finishing the search of Jominda’s shop. There is ungal dust in Jominda’s shop, to no one’s surprise. Abner, furious, leaves immediately. Benjan tells Gregore to make sure Abner doesn’t do anything stupid, and Gregore does stop Abner from doing anything stupid with regard to Riff. Abner goes and sits at the gazebo, and Riff tries to bait him. Gregore and Riff exchange words, and Kendra makes sure Abner is okay. Riff continues to antagonize Abner, but Kendra makes sure Abner behaves. Finally Benjan emerges from Jominda’s shop, and he puts a stop to all the talk with a shout of “Enough!”. Benjan mentions that Jominda will remain at the Lorrimor Estate, and Riff erupts with rage. She loudly berates Benjan and everyone else present. Benjan and Dragos have a heated confrontation. Dragos wants to cast a spell to drag the truth out of Riff, but Benjan refuses. Gregore proposes that Father Grimburrow cast a spell to force the truth from Jominda, and Benjan tells them that it is up to the Council. Dragos and Benjan leave on very bad terms.

Gregore, Abner, Dragos and Kendra return to the estate. Katarzyna is comforting Jominda and Tresselblade, reassuring them that the truth is on Jominda’s side. Gregore tells Jominda and the others about the plan. Abner takes Tresselblade out to the front porch, and Gregore talks about the plan with the Zone of Truth spell. Dragos asks Jominda if she will submit to one of his spells to determine her innocence without a doubt. Dragos asks his question with his Confess spell. They work out the exact wording of the question, and Dragos casts his spell. Jominda answers his question without any problem. They are interrupted by Mikayus during this conversation. He asks them to look him up at the hotel. Gregore and Jominda go up to Gregore’s room.

Dragos and Abner go to the jailhouse, and Riff and Vrodish are there. Dragos tells Vrodish that he cast a spell to establish Jominda’s innocence. Riff takes up the conversation, and Dragos basically tells her that she will have to submit to the spell. Vrodish is confused by all that is happening, and they part company. As Dragos exits the jailhouse, he sees Kendra and Benjan approaching. Dragos tells Benjan that he had cast the spell on Jominda, and he wonders why he had to tell Riff that. Benjan tells Dragos that an expedited trial date has been set for the next morning. Dragos continues to try to antagonize Riff, and Benjan is incensed and tells Dragos in no uncertain terms to desist. Dragos relecates twice. Eventually Benjan goes to where Dragos is and delivers on his threat to incarcerate Dragos if he continues to harrass Riff.

Benjan sends Vrodish to tell the others of Dragos’ arrest. Gregore goes to the jail to find out what had happened. Vrodish sits down with Tresselblade, Jominda and Katarzyna and has a sandwich. Gregore speaks briefly with Benjan, and Dragos speaks with both of them. Benjan insists that Dragos has to stay at the jail overnight. Gregore leaves. An hour later Benjan tells Dragos that he is heading over to Zokar’s for dinner. Benjan and Dragos play chess and share a drink to pass the time. Benjan tries to establish a rapport with Dragos, but Dragos is stubborn. Tresselblade arrives to relieve Benjan, and he makes sure she doesn’t let Dragos out or go into the cell. Dragos tells Tresselblade that he does trust her. She holds Dragos’ hand through the bars.

Kendra arrives back at the estate. She and Katarzyna talk, and Abner and Kendra take some food to Dragos. He shares it with Tresselblade.

Tuesday, May 27, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

Benjan arrives bright and early, Riff is with him. Dragos is his usual self with Riff, and she is her usual self with Dragos. Benjan puts a stop to the banter. Benjan says a few prayers in the other room. Vrodish brings Dragos breakfast.

Katarzyna awakens early and helps Jominda get ready for her court appearance.

The morning is foggy. Abner brings the wagon around, and the ladies ride in the wagon to the courthouse. Everyone meets at the court house. The court date is set for 8 am. Victor is also with them. Benjan brings Dragos with him in hand shackles. Benjan takes the shackles off Dragos before they enter the courthouse. Benjan assures Jominda that she will be fine as they file into the courthouse. Riff tries to goad them into believing that she has been appointed Jominda’s counsel. No one responds to her absurd claim.

Dragos and Gregore notice that Riff watches intently as Sherriff Benjan reassures Jominda. Councilman Muracar greets Katarzyna, and guides her to a seat closer to the front of the courtroom. Everyone takes their seats. Vashian Hearthmount brings the court to order. Father Grimburrow is in attendance. Beatrycze is also there, with a priest. Hearthmount calls upon Jominda to stand. He officially charges Jominda with poisoning Beatrycze. He asks who will stand up for Jominda, and Katarzyna and Gregore both volunteer. They decide that Gregore will act as her counsel. Sherriff Benjan defers to Gregore, to present his evidence first. Gregore calls Beatrycze to the witness stand. Beatrycze says that she had left her window open the night before and had prepared a bed warmer. He asks her several other questions. She relates the story of the Sherriff walking her home. Riff says several disparaging remarks under her breath. Beatrycze has no memory of any events until Jominda administered the antidote for ungal dust. Beatrycze mentions that Jominda had been perfectly lovely the evening of the carnival. Benjan asks if Beatrycze had any problems with anyone else in town, and she tells him that she hadn’t. As Benjan is asking about Jominda’s whereabouts at the carnival, but she mentions that Jominda wasn’t with them the entire time.

Beatrycze steps down, and Gregore calls Jominda to the stand. She tries to talk around the fact that Gregore was with her the whole time. Benjan calls a sidebar, and reminds Gregore that he let him go first so that he could call Grimburrow to cast his spell and settle the matter quickly. Gregore puts the matter before the court, and the Councilors, Benjan and Jominda all acquiesce to the spell. Jominda states that her name is Jominda Marcien, not Fallenbridge. Riff seizes upon the revelation. When Benjan withdraws the case in light of Jominda’s successfully passing the test, Riff loses it and attacks Benjan, first slicing him behind the knee, then stabbing him repeatedly in the chest. The Mist roils into the room and washes over Riff and she vanishes in the Mist. Gregore tries to do a healing pulse but the Mist blocks his path. Shanda sends the deputies to go after Riff, and Katarzyna goes with Tresselblade and Vrodish. Gregore sees that Sherriff Benjan is dead, and Grimburrow contends that it is like nothing he had ever seen.

Eventually the fog burns off. Riff is nowhere to be found.

The days pass…

Tresselblade becomes the interim sherriff. Gregore finishes healing Beatrycze and Kendra of their Charisma damage. Kendra gets her affairs in order for traveling. There is a funeral for the sherriff. The carnival had left on Monday. New Gregore had left a letter for Katarzyna, proclaiming his undying love.

Mikayus visits them the day after the trial of Jominda. Mikayus tells them that Anya and her family are all followers of Zon Kuthon. Kendra and Katarzyna both want to look in on the girl and her child. Mikayus tells them that Anya was not a fanatical adherent of Zon Kuthon, and was pleased with her arranged marriage. Mikayus presents them with documents that promise to pay the sum of 5000 GP in standard Ustalav weights for traveling to Karpad to determine if Anya is in trouble and render aid. He tells them to request a letter from Anya.

Jominda is starting to become sad that Gregore is leaving. Gregore asks about her last name, Marcien. She tells him that she comes from southeast Ustalav. Her family are minor nobles, and they weren’t good people who promised her in marriage to a horrible man, so she ran away and changed her name. She also tells Gregore that she at one time had had an affair with Professor Lorrimor. It was not a serious affair. Gregore tells Jominda that he wants to return to Ravengro to be with Jominda.

On the 29th, they talk with Jominda, and they all decide that Jominda, Victor and Illindri will all take a boat to Lepidstadt.

Tresselblade gives Katarzyna a little money and a shopping list for her to pick up some items in Lepidstadt. Katarzyna tells Tresselblade to look after Vrodish, and make sure he dstays out of trouble. On the 3rd of June, Jominda, Illindri and Victor will leave for Lepidstadt. Jominda decides to sublease the store to someone so she can make money. Kendra, Katarzyna, Gregore, Abner and Dragos will leave for Karpad on the 3rd also. Tresselblade has agreed to live in the Lorrimor house while the group is away, which keeps her from having to pay rent to Zokar.

On the 1st, they have dinner with the Avanakis.

On the evening of the 2nd there is a large event at Zokar’s and it’s a heartfelt sendoff.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

They bid farewell to Jominda, Illindri and Victor as they leave on the boat. They gather the items they’re taking and load up the wagon, then bid farewell to the people in Ravengro that they’ve come to know and care about. Katarzyna is tearful as they head out. She is going to miss Ravengro. They decide to take the road to Tam Ravina. They catch the ferry and head out on the road. They head north from the small ferry town on the north shore of the lake. They stay at an inn that night. Abner and Dragos take care of the horses. The inn is on the large side, it’s called the Hungry Wolf. It has a large open room.They get three rooms, one for Abner, one for Dragos and Gregore, and one for Kendra and Katarzyna. There is a group at one of the tables in the common room. There are two humans and a dwarf at one table, and a solitary human at another table. They all leave items in their rooms, and Katarzyna decides to have a hot bath. Gregore comes down to the common room and joins Abner at a table near the fire. Kendra comes down to the common room. They all have ale and soup. The three of them have pork chops, russet potatoes, soft cheeses, etc. Dragos has a conversation with guardsmen who had come in with a prisoner on a chain, a large, brutish man, perhaps a Caliban. Katarzyna is bored out of her mind. Dragos does not win in his gaming with the Canterwall guards.

Wednesday, June 4th, 758, On the road toward Tamrivena, Ustalav

They all awaken early and head out with first light. They all realize that Katarzyna is woefully unprepared for traveling, not having traveled on the road much. They are surrounded by ravens at one point, because Katarzyna had been giving them bread, but after Dragos is had enough of the ravens, he shoots a couple of them with his bow, and the ravens move away. Gregore hears a noise, and they are all on high alert. Abner spurs the wagon forward faster, rocking them all back and forth. They come to a clearing in the trees, and they see Kendra beset by wolves and thrown from her horse. Two farmers join the fray as they fight the wolves. One of the farmers is taken down by a wolf, and they try to render aid to the farmer. Abner goes after Kendra’s horse. Gregore does a healing pulse, and it heals the wolf in addition to the farmer and Kendra. Gregore puts down the wolf with his mace. After they defeat the wolves, the farmers introduce themselves as John and Demitri. They offer their hospitality, and Dragos decides to track the wolves a bit, Kendra decides to go with him. Gregore and Katarzyna and Abner sit down with the farmers and have some hearty but simple food. Gregore makes small talk. John tells them that his wife is with his brother and his wagon, trading. John and Demitri offer to let them stay the night. They would make it to Tamrivena the following day if they did so.

Dragos and Kendra return after about an hour. Kendra says that they found the wolf and put it down. They talk about staying the night at the farmstead. They also talk about werewolves. Kendra tells Abner and Katarzyna that she saw Dragos apparently talking to the wolf before he killed it, and the wolf seemed to understand Dragos.



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