Lanterns in the Mist

Small Sacrifices

A little girl is lost in the woods, but the path to save her is fraught with peril.

Thursday, June 12th, 758, Karpad, Ustalav

Dragos, Gregore, Grewen, Abner, Kendra and Katarzyna take stock of their situation, looking around the basement mirror room. The Mist rolls off them as they dust themselves off. Gregore pulls himself up with his mace. Kendra has a skinned elbow. The Mist continues to collect on the floor and dissipate. Everyone is accounted for: Kendra, Abner, Gregore, Dragos, Grewen, Katarzyna, Leandra, Walkgren, Cedres and Vachlan. They hear Vachlan intoning a prayer to Zon Kuthon. They notice that there is someone else with them, it is a somewhat large blue goblin with a tatooed face, and Grewen is instantly antagonistic toward it. The creature casts a spell on Amelia, and she lunges toward Grewen. She injures an already badly injured Grewen. The goblin morphs into a giant wolf, then disappears into a shower of motes of lights. Amelia attacks Grewen again. Gregore pulses to heal the injured. Katarzyna uses her Grave Touch ability to shake Amelia’s resolve, but she continues to attack. Dragos tries to grab her, but she nimbly avoids his grasp. Abner rolls up on Amelia, calling out for someone to get a rope ready. Abner does what he can to help Dragos subdue Amelia. Dragos is oddly unable to subdue Amelia. He jams his wrist pretty badly trying to grab Amelia. They all struggle with her, but she’s very tough to subdue. They determine that some sort of Charm spell was used to affect Amelia’s attitude toward Grewen.

Katarzyna tries to re-focus the group’s intent to destroy the mirror. Kendra thinks the mirror is cursed. They go upstairs, and Katarzyna goes looking for the others, and runs into Stepan Boroi. She is quite taken aback. She asks Stepan Boroi to go with her to rejoin the others. She then walks out the front door of the estate.

The others continue to investigate the situation. Stepan Boroi says that “the rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated”. Katarzyna lets slip that Baron Boroi had been deceased, and he is traumatized by this, and runs away. Dragos goes after him. They talk about the ways in which gods can return a deceased person to life. Dragos talks to him about Minnar and Adamin and Sorin.

Kendra and Katarzyna decide to go to town to investigate further. As they approach the bridge, Katarzyna sees Minnar and Adamin, as well as Sorin, at the Caliban village. She tells them about Stepan Boroi’s reappearance. Later, Dragos decides to go to the temple of Zon Kuthon to check in with Anya and Ivan Boroi. He sees Katarzyna and stops to talk with her, Kendra, Adamin and Minnar.

They cross the bridge and head toward the Temple of Zon Kuthon. There is a crowd of about thirty people milling about in front of the temple. They push their way through the crowd. They make their way inside the temple, and they see a couple of priests talking, and a flagellant. Katarzyna asks to speak with Anya. Katarzyna tells Anya that Stepan is apparently alive. She starts to tell her about the mirror reforming, but Anya stops her, and asks the priest to leave them alone. The priest gives Dragos a dark look as he exits, clearly not happy about the presence of an Ezrite Inquisitor. Katarzyna asks Anya if she wants to return to the estate. They head back up to estate, along with Radu, the High Priest of the Temple of Zon Kuthon. Katarzyna breaks off from the others and goes to tell Minnar and Adamin what happened at the Temple.

Grewen continues to administer to Amelia, who has not improved. Gavril arrives. They talk a bit, and Grewen returns to the villa. He checks in with Abner in the kitchen and helps Abner with his meal preparation. They discuss the reappearance of Stepan Boroi. Abner tells Grewen that the fountain water no longer seems tainted by blood. Grewen goes to check out the fountain, and while it doesn’t seem like pure water, the taint of shadow no longer seems to be upon it.

Dragos, Radu, Kendra and Anya go up to Stepan’s study. Stepan and Anya’s reunion is strange at first. Vachlan has joined Stepan in the study, and he rises when Anya enters. Vachlan tells Anya that Stepan is apparently okay. Dragos and Kendra are ushered out of the study, and Kendra goes to the library. Dragos goes to talk with Gregore, and informs him that Stepan Boroi is alive. Gregore is taken aback by the news. He wants to go see for himself, and asks Dragos to keep vigil at the mirror until he returns.

Katarzyna goes to the center of the Caliban village. She goes into the inn. She finds Adamin, Minnar and Sorin at a table with Ionella, and she lets them know what’s going on. She then heads back up to the estate, after a meal of scones and biscuits.

Meanwhile, at the manor, people start to gather. Leandra asks if she can lend a hand, and she, Grewen, Abner and Dragos begin to set the table for dinner. Kendra grabs some food, and returns to the library, and Grewen surreptitiously follows her. He sees her settle in with a book. He goes into the library and asks what she’s reading. She offers him tea. She tells him that she wants to get a peek at the Shadow book.

Katarzyna rejoins the group for dinner. She also speaks briefly with Gavril. She goes up to the library to speak with Kendra and Grewen, but they aren’t there. Kendra returns with the Book of Night Without Moon. Several of the pages have watercolor paintings on them. Kendra tells them that the Shudder Wood once went by the name the Margreve. The Margreve had been around since time immemorial.

Gregore comes back to the mirror room, and takes over from Dragos. Dragos and Leandra leave and go back upstairs. Dragos goes up the library. He sees Grewen carrying a tea tray, and Dragos helps him bring the tea tray back down to the kitchen. Down in the kitchen they run into Abner. The staff servants have slowly returned to the estate. They try to speak in Har-Akir, but Katarzyna has trouble differentiating the words. Grewen and Dragos return with tea. Kendra and Katarzyna are up somewhat late reading.

Leandra comes to the library and asks Dragos to take the air with her, and they end up a spending a passionate night together. Dragos tells her a lot about their adventures in Harrowstone. He tells her about how he acquired his various special items. They fall asleep.

Grewen returns to Amelia, and he tries to establish a link with her. She is less hostile, but not receptive to him.

Kendra hears a noise, and rushes out of the library. Katarzyna follows. Grewen, from the kennel, hears a sound from outside, and he goes to investigate. He sees someone dropping to the ground outside of a window. He follows the figure, and hears a noise coming from an upstairs window, as if someone is striking against a hard surface. Kendra goes to the door of Dragos’ room, and it is locked. She tries to open the door. Grewen hears the noise, and tries to climb up to the open window. Kendra tells Katarzyna to get Abner, then she tries to shoot the lock with her pistol, but her gun misfires. They finally get into the room, and Katarzyna sees that Dragos is on his bed, covered in blood. Katarzyna runs and gets Gregore, who is asleep by the mirror. Gregore rushes to Dragos’ side, and Dragos tells them that Leandra tried to kill Dragos. They take Dragos to Abner’s room so that the servants can clean Dragos’ room. Gregore heals Dragos. Dragos wants to go after Leandra. Gregore insists on going with them to find her. Abner also insists on going. Grewen goes down to the kennel, and Gavril wishes to help track Leandra. Grewen lead Gavril and his dogs to where they can pick up Leandra’s scent.

They head out in search of Leandra. Grewen and the dogs track Leandra to the road, where they find two sets of horse tracks. They lose the trail, and return to the manor house. Gavril sets up a cot for Grewen.

Friday, June 13th, 758, Karpad, Ustalav

Grewen successfully reconciles with Amelia. He goes inside the manor, where he sees Kendra. She is eating cherries. She asks Grewen to take a message to the Temple of Zon Kuthon. He goes and takes the note to Vachlan. Vachlan reads the note, and says “Interesting”. He says “tell her 300 gold crowns, or she submits her exquisite body for purification”.

Dragos goes down to the kitchen, where he also runs into Kendra. She points to a package, it’s some clothes for Dragos. She also got some basic armor and weapons for him.

Dragos goes upstairs and wakes Katarzyna, but it’s a little tricky. As soon as he leaves, Katarzyna goes back to sleep. Dragos does wake up Gregore though. Kendra also goes up to wake up Katarzyna. She is exhausted, so she catches 40 winks on Katarzyna’s bed. Dragos goes in search of them. He goes to the library first, but they’re not there. He comes into Katarzyna’s room, where the two girls and Silvio are curled up in the bed. Kendra wakes up, and Katarzyna finally awakes as well. They all eventually make their way down. There are pastries, borscht and sausage.

After Grewen returns, Kendra gets the response from Vachlan. Her cheeks color when she hears the response. Kendra tells them that she found something in one of the books. After reviewing the Baron’s book and the other tome, she believes that the mirror and the book somehow combined with the baron, because something evil took notice. She reminds them that the Book of Night Without Moon can capture a person’s shadow, and will also protect you from being taken into the mirror. Mentioning a person’s name along with a magic word, and closing the book on a person’s shadow will capture the shadow. The ritual also imparts an air of melancholy to the person whose shadow is bound within it. Kendra says that once the book is destroyed, it will allow them to destroy the mirror. The book can only be destroyed by a spell called Searing Light. A spell called Continual Flame will nullify the book. They discuss the various options. They decide to destroy the book. They don’t want to play politics in the town any longer. All of them are eager to leave.

The group heads to the Temple and speak with Vachlan. They present him with the coin. Vachlan hands them a scroll, sealed with black wax. They return to the estate. The cook tells Katarzyna that Kendra is downstairs. Katarzyna greets Evgenia Boroi on the way to the mirror room. They discuss the things they need to do before they leave Karpad. Grewen goes to get Amelia ready to go. Kendra starts the ritual to destroy the book in the mirror room. Gregore and Dragos discuss which of them should try to use the scroll of Searing Light. Dragos uses the scroll, and the book starts to absorb the energy of the spell. The mirror shards start to glow as well, and the book slowly turns to ash. They look at the mirror, which appears to have been completely neutralized by the spell. They quickly leave the basement, and return to the upstairs.

They look for the Boroi. They are in the garden. They tell them that they’re ready to leave. Katarzyna inquires after the baron’s health, and he snaps at her. She wanders away, and goes off to find Gavril to bid him farewell. Dragos asks Stepan about Sorin, and his attitude toward him. Dragos purports that Sorin is the rightful heir to Karpad, but Stepan disagrees. Dragos and Stepan have tense words, and Dragos says that they’ll take their payment now. Dragos begins to cast a spell, and Stepan immediately summons his guards. Stepan is harsh in his rebuke toward Dragos. They do collect their payment, and take their leave. After Stepan leaves, Anya comes out and bids them farewell more warmly.

Katarzyna, Kendra and Grewen stop at the Caliban village to bid farewell to Ionella, Minnar and Adamin. They go up to the room, and they let them know that they’re on their way and that the mirror is destroyed. They also bid farewell to Ionella and get on the trail heading north. Katarzyna dozes is in the wagon as they travel away from Karpad. They make it away from Karpad without incident. Kendra and Grewen are scouting ahead. They also pick up some sign of Leandra passing that way.

They come to a clearing in the forest, and begin unpacking the wagons. Katarzyna and Grewen hear the sound of galloping hooves, and a rider on a bloody horse rides into the clearing. The rider attacks Gregore with an axe, and quickly falls to the ground. The horse is dying, and Grewen puts it down. Gregore tends to the rider, who seems to have died of old age.

Low shapes prowl around them. A fell voice intones through the fog to “leave the prey” and that they’ll be spared. They appear to want the silver hatchet, they call it Wolfkiller. Grewen picks up the silver hatchet that the old rider had wielded, and feels a strange attunement to the hatchet. They mention “He Who Would Be King”, and Grewen feels strongly that he needs to be stopped. Grewen tosses his dagger to Kendra, but she doesn’t catch it. Grewen strikes at one of the dogs with the Wolfkiller. They eventually prevail, killing several of the creatures and chasing the others away.

Abner tells them that the wagon was damaged and the horse got away. He also tells them there is an inn or roadhouse a ways down the road. They gather their things and make their way to the inn. They notice that the wagon is all but destroyed, the axle requiring the services of an expert wheelwright to be usable.

They get to the inn. They enter, and see a charcoal burner, a dwarf, two barbers, a fortune teller and a few other travelers. It is a very colorful inn, with lots of brightly colored flowers, hanging herbs, and craft objects. They approach the bar and speak with the barkeeper. They get a table, and Dragos tries to join a card game at an adjacent table, but they turn him away. Katarzyna listens to the other patrons of the bar. Katarzyna approaches the charcoal burner, Hodal Köler. He tells Katarzyna that his daughter, Czerwonya, is lost in the forest. No one will look for her. She was chosen for the challenge of fang. Someone is chosen as an innocent and someone is chosen as a champion, and is a battle between wolf and man for the favor of the Margreve. The charcoal burner’s daughter was chosen as the innocent, and Johann was chosen as the champion. Dragos and Gregore approach as they’re talking, and Grewen is promising the charcoal burner that he will rescue his daughter. He offers Grewen a phoenix feather. They decide to look for Czerwonya the following morning. Grewen reassures the man that he will find his daughter, confident that the Margreve wouldn’t call a champion without giving the champion a chance to save his daughter.

Grewen notices that Kendra is nervous about something happening at the card game table. Abner is on high alert as well. The crone mentions that since Katarzyna and Grewen’s fates are intertwined, perhaps he should join them. Grewen and Katarzyna each give the crone a gold coin. She was the chosen, three generations past. She hands Grewen and Katarzyna each a candle. They each drip the candle wax into the water. Katarzyna’s wax is black as it hits the water, then turns yellow. Grewen’s is white, but turns grey. She names Katarzyna a redeemer born of darkness but destined to reach for the light, and Grewen born of light, but turning dead inside. She says she sees “choice, cataclysm and consequences, they will pass through places that were old before iron is born, Iron will avail you litte, knowledge will avail more than iron, the brave may earn a reward by boldly saying all”.

They hear Abner say something to the pilgrims playing cards. There is a tense conversation, and it appears that Grewen thinks they’re “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Bonislav is the leader of the pack, and they attack. Several of the pack go down quickly, thanks to Gregore, Dragos and Katarzyna. Bonislav attacks Grewen, but misses, and Katarzyna successfully tags Bonislav with her Grave Touch ability. Bonislav finally does land a hit on Grewen. The battle goes poorly for the wolf-men, and Katarzyna manages to take down the leader Bonislav with a Magic Missile. Gregore makes a serious tactical error, as he pulses, healing everyone in the room, including the unconscious wolf-men, including Bonislav. Bonislav severely wounds Katarzyna, but he is quickly defeated by the group.

After the fight, there is a period of activity, getting rid of the bodies and protecting against lycanthropes. Everyone goes to bed, but Kendra and Grewen stay up for awhile. Kendra tells Grewen about her father, how his funeral brought them all together, and how they all agreed to carry the various tomes from Ravengro to Lepidstadt University. Grewen peruses some of the books, and the subject matter troubles his sleep.

Saturday, June 14th, 758, Karpad, Ustalav

Everyone wakes and gets ready for the day, so they can head out and rescue Czerwonya, the charcoal burner’s daughter. Katarzyna prepares her spells, but Dragos interrupts his meditations when Abner exchanges words with Gregore. Katarzyna notices that Leandra is present in the common room. She tells Dragos as he’s leaving his room, and he bolts toward the common room. Katarzyna bounds after him. Grewen, in the common room, sees Dragos and Katarzyna come down, as Leandra scurries out the door. Dragos, Katarzyna and Grewen pursue her. Dragos confronts Leandra as she’s trying to get control of a horse. She agrees to give Dragos all his stuff. Leandra’s companion arrives and unsheathes his sword. Dragos lunges toward Leandra and her horse. Grewen gains control of Leandra’s horse. The man traveling with Leandra confronts Dragos, and they argue about Dragos’ actions toward Leandra. A few hundred feet away, Katarzyna manages to Web the horse, but Leandra escapes on foot.

The man talks with Dragos, and they discover that he had been manipulated by Leandra also, that she had lied about being a damsel in distress, pursued by brigands. The man says he is a post carrier, and show’s Dragos his cache of parcels and missives. They have a long discussion about the legality of their issues, and they almost come to blows. They both calm down a bit, and Dragos retrieves his items. Eventually the man, Lorin, retrieves his horse from Katarzyna and Grewen, and exchanges pleasantries with Katarzyna. He bids farewell and says he’ll leave a note on a posting pole in Lepidstadt, and hopefully he’ll be able to see Katarzyna there.

Katarzyna, Grewen and Dragos return to the inn, and have breakfast, and Dragos and Katarzyna prepare their spells. Dragos talks with the innkeeper, who is happy that Grewen is acting as champion for Hodal Köler’s daughter Czerwonya. Dragos talks with Hodal Köler also. He asks a lot of background information about the vicinity of the inn. He also asks how Czerwonya was chosen, and Hodal tells them that Babushka and the druids did a Divining, and that there is a birthmark in the shape of an antler on the Chosen, which turned out to be Czerwonya. Dragos also asks about He Who Would Be King. Grewen knows that there is some connection to other stories of wolves and men, with innocents caught in the middle. Dragos promises Hodal that they will try their best to rescue Czerwonya. Hodal says he will guide them to the Paths of the Gamayun and that the forest will set trials before them. When they pass the trials, they will return to the Margreve and be able to rescue Czerwonya. Grewen arranges for the innkeeper to have the wagon.

They all get ready to head out. Outside the inn, there are local women wearing traditional garb. They bestow the blessing of the community, in the form of wreaths of flowers and draughts of vodka. The girls kiss them on both cheeks. The girl who kisses Grewen seems a bit sad. The girls lead them to the path.

They go into the forest, following a narrow trail. There are wreaths and fetishes in the trees every so often, as well as rocks marking the path. There is a small glade, and the girls stop on the edge of it. In the clearing is a living arch formed by intertwining trees. Beyond the arch, thick brambles and briars flank the narrow path. Grewen gives Hodal a book and a fetish of Hallah to hold for him. The old lady among the girls calls out to them, she says that time is of the essence, and wishes them luck. They notice small ribbons and coins left as offerings along the path. They step forward and proceed through the archway.

There is a sense of foreboding, and Katarzyna can tell that there is an aura of ancient magic. She also notices a strand of red cloth caught on a bramble thorn. They notice that the forest path is closing behind them. They continue on, and notice that the fog is dissipating. They hear the laughter of small children, and a small squirrel. Katarzyna tries to feed the squirrel, and notices that it has red eyes. Grewen notices a child’s footprint, also a wolf’s footprint. They move faster. A leprechaun taunts them along the way. Grewen is amused by it, while Katarzyna seems focused on analyzing what it says. Dragos seems the most susceptible to the leprechaun’s taunts, and he quickly focuses on Dragos as his main target of ridicule.

They come to areas where several footpaths converge, and they look for evidence of the girl’s passage. Dragos is targeted by other creatures of the forest. They decide to split up, Dragos, Katarzyna and Grewen take the left path, while Kendra, Gregore and Abner take the right path. Grewen sees what appears to be an arm coming out of a tree. He stops, and checks it out. It appears to be a dusky grey corpse. Katarzyna examines it, and it turns to dust as she nudges it. Grewen recognizes that it is reminiscent of a fey creature that uses a lullaby to put a person to sleep, then slowly leaches away its life force. The morah is the creature’s name, and it is often controlled by dark fey. Pearl spies another of the dust corpses.

They come to a clearing with a dark river, with a ford of mossy stepping stones. They see Kendra, Abner and Gregore, who had run afoul of a sap demon. Grewen tells Kendra about the morah.

They try to cross the river. Katarzyna tries to clamber over the mossy stones at the ford, but has a hard time keeping her balance. They make their way a little ways across, and monstrous humanoids rise up from the water and bellow at them. They make it past the ogres by giving them items of value as tribute to their goddess. Because the ogres were some of the stepping stones, Katarzyna has to swim a bit.

Dragos continues to track through the forest. He picks up the trail of Czerwonya. He also finds a spot of blood. Katarzyna is unable to determine whether the blood is human or animal. Gregore and Grewen take a shot at it too. Grewen thinks it might be wolf blood. They hear a dark voice in the forest. It speaks with Grewen. It also addresses Dragos. They speak with it, and it tells them that it wishes to give Dragos the “gift” of lycanthropy, but he is understandably reluctant to accept.

A break in a bramble wall reveals a clearing, with two female fey creatures. They have skin like polished mahogany and green eyes like storm clouds. They introduce themselves as Iwona and Yagoda, the Vilah. Iwona appears to be the older of the two. There is a green pavilion with a feast, and they start to make overtures to the party to relax and partake of the repast. They become angry with Katarzyna as she speaks with Grewen. Katarzyna agrees to let Yagoda slap her, to “remind them of the seriousness of their quest”, and Iwona strikes Grewen. Each person in the party accepts a slap from Iwona or Yagoda. When they strike Dragos, he is grievously wounded. Grewen thinks Dragos may have offended the forest at some point.

After they travel a bit further, and come to a pool of clear water. There is some suspicion about it at first. They travel a short distance away, then return after a few minutes to see if Czerwonya had gone near the pool. Kendra tells them that the water is probably safe to drink, but also reveals a truth about them. Kendra sees her reflection in the water as a deer. Dragos sees a crocodile. Grewen and Abner don’t tell the others what they see. Katarzyna sees herself as a thrush. Gregore says he saw an owl in the water. Pearl snidely remarks to Katarzyna that Gregore is not worthy of such a totem.

As they start to eat their rations and drink from the pool, Katarzyna and Grewen start to transform into animals. Katarzyna turns into a thrush, and Grewen turns into a large bear cub. Katarzyna can speak haltingly, but Grewen can’t. Kendra holds out her hand for Katarzyna to hop onto her shoulder, and gathers up Katarzyna’s clothes and belongings. They travel a ways down the road. After a few minutes, Katarzyna starts to grow heavy on Kendra’s shoulder, and she realizes that the effect of the pool’s water is wearing off. Sure enough, Katarzyna transforms back to her true form, and she is momentarily preoccupied by the experience, though she quickly dons her clothes at Kendra’s urging. Abner and Gregore studiously avoid looking upon Katarzyna in dishabille, but Dragos is not as circumspect. Kendra, intrigued by Katarzyna’s account of flying in the bird form, drinks her water and becomes a deer, and goes bounding through the forest. She walks back, unabashedly nude, and redresses. She tells them that their path is the same that Czerwonya took, her deer senses enabling her to determine that with greater certainty.

They come to another clearing, and encounter a crone, who leaps into the air in a whirlwind of claws and lightning. Kendra tells them that the creature is an alla. The alla offers a choice of three contests, strength, skill or wits. They choose wits, after some deliberation. The alla brings out a gulbara board. She asks for a volunteer, and Kendra and Katarzyna decide that Katarzyna has the best chance to attempt the contest. The test is very tense, and at each turn the crone taunts and threatens Katarzyna and the others, but Katarzyna eventually wins the contest. The alla is irate, but she abides by the result of the contest, letting them leave unmolested.

They leave the paths of Gamayun, and find themselves back in the “normal” Margreve forest. They try to find the path of Czerwonya. The come to a clearing where they see a ring of traditional nesting dolls. Kendra says that the dolls sometimes serve as offerings to the Margreve. Grewen sees several indicators of Czerwonya’s presence. He sees that Czerwonya’s prints end at a strange series of indentations in the earth. Kendra and Grewen don’t know what the thing is that made the marks, but they pick up the trail of the creature. Pearl tells Katarzyna that it’s a walking tree, with a hut nestled in its boughs. Kendra says that it sounds like a witch’s hut, like the hut of a Baba Yaga, a very powerful witch. They hurry after it.


They rush toward the tree, and see crows cawing strange words, “ax, ax, wolf, wolf, cloak, cloak”. Grewen tries to stab the walking tree with his glaive. Dragos tries to climb it. The tree hits Grewen, sending him flying through the air almost two hundred feet away. Luckily it doesn’t do a lot of damage to Grewen when he lands in a pile of leaves.

Kendra tells Katarzyna to use Spider Climb to get up into the tree, so she does, rapidly climbing up to the window. Once she’s at the window, she sees a large room. There is a small girl, walking tentatively toward an old lady dressed in Mother Babushka’s clothes. Katarzyna yells out “Stop Czerwonya” to warn the child away from the hulking form of “Babushka”. Dragos gets to the window quickly as well, followed by Abner. When Dragos yells out that the creature is a wolf, it screams and doffs its disguise. It’s clear that Mother Babushka has been swallowed by the creature, and they can see her squirming inside the creature’s abdomen. Katarzyna tries to hit the creature with some spells, but does a poor job and doesn’t affect it.

Kendra makes her way up to the window and draws her pistol on the wolf just as he casts a Blink spell on himself. Dragos swings at him. Katarzyna scoops up Czerwonya and runs out of a window.

Gregore and Amelia rush out to where Grewen landed. Gregore heals Grewen a bit, then rush back toward the tree. Finally, Grewen manages to grab the rope hanging from the tree.

Abner and Dragos try to keep the wolf occupied, and try to rescue Mother Babushka. Katarzyna starts to climbs down off the tree with Czerwonya. Dragos lands a solid hit on the wolf, angering it greatly. The wolf disengages from Dragos, leaps through the window tackling Katarzyna and Czerwonya and knocks them out of the tree and 20 feet to the ground. Katarzyna manages to land relatively safely with Czerwonya, and Abner dives out of the tree and lands on the wolf. Kendra starts rappelling down the rope. Gregore protects Katarzyna and Czerwonya, healing them and then wading into the fray. The wolf fights furiously against them all. He casts a Suggestion to make Dragos his thrall. Katarzyna finally delivers a Vampiric Touch spell on the wolf, with unexpected results. There is a rush of euphoria as the lifeforce is drained from the werewolf, and the shadowy essence flows into Katarzyna. Gregore and Kendra are extremely disconcerted by the effect. Katarzyna is greatly preoccupied by the sensation, having glimpsed something heretofore unknown. Something very powerful, very dangerous, and very compelling.

Everyone takes stock of the situation, and Dragos decapitates the corpse of the wolf. Kendra and Gregore take Czerwonya and Mother Babushka into their care. Mother Babushka “calls” her house back to them.



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