Lanterns in the Mist

The Shadows of War

The heroes travel to the Furrows, fighting cultists and werewolves.

Thursday, August 7th, 758, Ardeal, Ustalav

At noon, the group runs across a Vistani caravan. They take one look at the group, and steer away. Eventually they come to an old abandoned farmhouse. There are four wolf humanoids hanging from the tree. Jean-Baptiste tells them that he doesn’t see werewolves, but rather skeletons. Katarzyna tries to detect magical auras, but doesn’t see any. Jean-Baptiste and Grewin approach the hanging tree. Grewin and Jean-Baptiste warn them away. Katarzyna hits it with a lightning bolt, and it gives chase. They make short work of it before it can attack them, then they investigate the abandoned farmhouse. Katarzyna investigates the bodies inside the farmhouse. Jean-Baptiste and Grewin hear what sounds like a child in the bedroom. Abner tries to open the door. They call Gregore in when they hear the sound. They manage to break into the closet where they find the bones of a small girl. They decide to dig graves for the deceased trio. Rhakis and the other Prince’s Wolves set up camp while they deal with the situation.

Friday, August 8th, 758, Ardeal, Ustalav

The next morning, Ostovach is hunting for breakfast. This is the night of the full moon. They are concerned about the effects it will have on Grewin. Grewin allows himself to be shackled. As the moonlight touches him, he changes into a bear form. He allows them to observe his transformation. Gregore doesn’t want to observe the effect. Abner also opts out. Katarzyna watches for awhile. They all turn in for the night, keeping watches.

Saturday, August 9th, 758, Ardeal, Ustalav

Grewin reverts to his normal form as the sun rises, and he is exhausted. The wolves are sleeping in their wolf form. Gregore helps Grewin out of the shackles and helps him get dressed. They push on through the day.

Sunday, August 10th, 758, Ardeal to the Furrows, Ustalav

Rhakis Szadro tells them that they are getting close to Feldgrau. He tells them that they could arrive in the evening, if they wanted, but he knows that Grewin is tired. They decide to press on, and they arrive at the boundary of the Furrows around two o’clock in the afternoon. They quickly realize they are in The Furrows. They see evidence of the War Without Rivals. Jean-Baptiste knows about the town of Feldgrau, and he shares with the others. Rhakis tells them that he believes that they’ve arrived at the village. They decide to circle around the town.

They come upon a ruined farmhouse with two outbuildings. They approach with caution. Grewin finds tracks of wolves and humans coming into and out of the buildings. They investigate the buildings. The southernmost building is a collapsed pile of rubble. They approach the second building. Kendra looks for undead in the area, but doesn’t find any. Jean-Baptiste tells Gregore to be ready to cast a light spell when they break down the door. Abner opens the door, and they see candlelight in the room. Abner gingerly walks into the anteroom. Rhakis and Katarzyna walk into the next room. There is a dead cultist on the altar. Jean-Baptiste sees that there are sigils of Jezelda among the unholy symbols carved into and around the sacrifice. Jean-Baptiste destroys the altar. Gregore says prayers. They then move on to the next house. The other house is pretty empty, and they set out for another building on the outskirts of the ruined town.

They slowly creep toward the building. There is an oversized shed and an obliterated main building. Abner opens the shed. It’s horrible, but Abner isn’t fazed by it. There are four large skeletons and eight standard-size skeletons. The four large skeletons are armored and in battle-ready poses. The group attacks the undead and destroy them quickly, but Jean-Baptiste uses his gun, alerting anything nearby. Rhakis tells them that he hears his companions baying. Grewin and Abner see hybrid wolves approaching. Rhakis goes to join them, and Katarzyna, Abner and Kendra go with him. Rhakis and the other wolves greet each other. They go into the dyer’s shop with the other Prince’s Wolves. The wolves tell them that they have found where the ghost is, in the Inn. Adamaris Ionacu, leader of the Jezeldans/Demon’s Wolves, is nearby. He is in a cluster of buildings to the south of their current location, near the town square. The cultists are gathering forces of undead. Their leader wears a bone breastplate, and he is stationed in the tower near the town square. The wolves tell them that there has been a lot of activity among the Jezeldans and the Whispering Way.

Jean-Baptiste and the others stay in the shed and search for clues and items. Jean-Baptiste and Ostovach investigate the cemetery, and discover that all the graves have been opened and the bodies exhumed. It seems like all the graves were opened within the last few weeks. Grewin watches both groups from the street. Jean-Baptiste tells Grewin that there is at least 100 graves exhumed. Gregore tells them that the people who died in the War Without Rivals would have died elsewhere, and would not have been among the graves in the cemetery. They decide to break for the night, since Grewin and Gregore are fatigued. They set watches. It’s a creepy night for all concerned. They hear wolves howling during the night.

Monday, August 11th, 758, Feldgrau, The Furrows, Ustalav

The next morning they discuss the strategy moving forward. They decide to try to thin the ranks of the Jezeldans and Whispering Way cultists before facing Arren Vrood. Jean-Baptiste and Grewin agree to make a sweep around the town starting in the building west of their position.

They set off in the direction of the first building. They come to the chandlery, and Ostovach and Rhakis are overcome by something, and they hurl themselves at the iron vessels in the room. They yell out something about fire. Grewin and Katarzyna hear the commotion and rush into the room. Grewin is also overcome by the presence in the room, and does the same thing that affected Ostovach and Rhakis. Jean-Baptiste grabs Grewin and tosses him out of the chandlery. Gregore pulses, and heals them for a bit. Gregore’s pulse seems to disrupt the haunt, and Katarzyna rushes to Ostovach’s side.

The next building is the blacksmith’s forge. Kendra and Jean-Baptiste go into the room before the others. Katarzyna enters the room next. There is a pool of blood that is leading toward a door. Abner peeks into the room, and there are two dead cultists in the stairwell, and at the top of the stairs is Duristan Silvio Ariesir, lately of Ascanor Lodge and the Shudderwood. He tells them how he arrived at Feldgrau. He says his people are in a building closer to town. Kendra and Katarzyna go up the stairs with Duristan to survey the town.

Grewin and Jean-Baptiste quickly realize that Duristan is a werewolf. They let Abner and Rhakis know, and then go up and clue in Kendra and Katarzyna when Grewin asks flat out “when were you bitten”. Duristan transforms into his wolf form. They all surround him and attack him, and finally Jean-Baptiste takes him down with a major blow. They quickly loot his body, 20 silver arrows, a composite longbow [magic—goes to Ostovach], a light steel shield [magic—goes to Gregore], a silver longsword with runes [magic—goes to Gregore, Gregore’s existing magic longsword goes to Ostovach], studded leather armor [magic], and a potion. The potion is probably some kind of healing potion. Grewin tries on the studded leather armor, it resizes, much to his surprise and delight. Ostovach is VERY pleased with his new equipment.

They regroup and continue on. There are some destroyed buildings they rifle through. They then come to a modest homestead. A dead Whispering Way cultist and several skeletons lie dead on the floor of the home. Suddenly Jean-Baptiste shoots the wall to one side. Grewin and Abner attack the creature, which turns out to be some kind of spellcaster. Katarzyna halts three of the undead creatures in the room with her. Grewin and Katarzyna shatter the skeleton that wasn’t Halted by Katarzyna’s first spell. The female goes down after Jean-Baptiste knocks her down as she tries to cast a spell. They then take down the three remaining halted skeletons with no problem. Jean-Baptiste tells Abner to tie up and gag the woman, who is unconscious. Jean-Baptiste searches the body and finds a breastplate [magic], a scythe [magic], a black pearl [magic], small onyxes, vials of some kind of light yellow liquid [magic—Unholy Water], potion with a solid blue oily liquid [magic—strong curative spell]. Jean-Baptiste dumps the unholy water out of the flasks and saves the vials to reuse later. Kendra examines the pearl. She can’t readily identify the item, so Jean-Baptiste and Katarzyna examine it. Neither of them is able to ascertain what it does, so Jean-Baptiste attempts to activate it blindly. The pearl seems to affect him briefly, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. He gives the pearl to Gregore, telling him that there is a chance he could use it. Gregore puts the item in his pouch.

They pick up and move on to the next room. It is unremarkable, so they continue forward. Grewin and Ostovach look into the room, Ostovach puts his hand up, and he and Grewin approach the building with stealth. Grewin also goes stealthily. They overhear someone talking. They overhear someone saying something like “you’re too loud my sweets” and some incoherent growling/choking noises. Grewin pulls himself up on a windowsill and looks into the room. Inside there is a creature feeding on another creature. Grewin goes back to the others, then they sneak back to the building. Grewin opens the door, and they roll in to the room. There is a sort of massive troglodyte, which we later learn is calledfestrog.jpg a Festrog- some sort of udead ogre or small giant made into a somewhat bestial form) a couple of skeletons, and a woman with black armor. Gregore pulses and destroys the two skeletons, but not before one of them gets a good hit on Ostovach, chopping his hand off. Everyone is horrified when this happens. Katarzyna destroys the festrog and blinds the mage, then the others lay waste to her. Ostovach, deprived of vengeance against the skeleton that severed his hand, lands a solid hit on the blind mage, knocking her to the ground. She pulses with negative energy twice in rapid succession, raising all of her fallen minions in the process. The newly raised festrog attacks Abner, but it misses with all its attacks. Katarzyna hits it again with a lightning bolt, but it manages to avoid most of the damage. Ostovach attacks the prone mage, then Amelia and Grewin attack her. Abner and Grewin’s attacks take her down. The festrog then goes after Abner. The skeletons attack Amelia and Ostovach, but miss. Amelia and Grewin then focus on the festrog. It finally goes down on Gregore’s last Pulse, which also destroys the skeleton again. When the fight is over, Katarzyna rushes over to Ostovach and Abner rushes over to Kendra, and Jean-Baptiste returns with the first woman they fought.

As they are taking stock, Grewin notices an inky greyness outside, which causes him some consternation. He points it out to Jean-Baptiste. Gregore is also staring out at the Mist. Gregore tells Grewin that he first took it for the presence of Ezra, but isn’t sure now. Amelia retrieves Ostavach’s severed hand, and Katarzyna and Gregore tend to Ostavach.

They decide to stop for the night and return to their base camp. They hear frightening noises. Abner and Jean-Baptiste explore the vicinity of the building. They hear large footsteps getting closer. They encounter a large creature, which chases them. They hear screaming, and find two robed humans attacking a female werewolf. Grewin, Katarzyna and one of the Princes’s Wolves run toward the screaming. The werewolf tells them that the werewolf being attacked is Emiliana. Abner attacks one of the attackers, and a fight ensues. Abner kills the man attacking. Jean-Baptiste neutralizes the female acolyte, while Katarzyna and the werewolf take Emiliana and go through a Dimension Door back to the building they’ve been using as a home base. Katarzyna alerts Gregore to Emiliana’s condition. He immediately starts working on her.

Jean-Baptiste and the others are still on the battlefield, and they notice the fog coming in. Jean-Baptiste tries to talk to the female cultist, but she is uncooperative. He threatens her. Abner searches the corpse of the other cultist. He finds a nice short sword. They head back after a few moments.They hear the festrogs in the distance, but are unmolested by them. Grewin also goes back into the base. Jean-Baptiste brings the woman into the base. He asks Katarzyna to use Prestidigitation to clean his sodden garments, but she is upset with him for some reason and does not do so. There are three small books that resemble spellbooks. Katarzyna puts them with her other stash of spellbooks. Gregore is unable to save Emiliana. One of the werewolves attacks the cultist that Jean-Baptiste brought into the cabin. The situation escalates until Rhakis cuts through the chatter, and makes the other werewolves back down. The female cultist finally relents, and tells them that they’re too late. The temple is full of undead. There are about 10 festrogs out in the area. Before he continues interrogating the first cultist, he has one of the werewolves wake up the other cultist. When the newly awakened cultist refuses to cooperate, he tells the werewolves that they can kill her, then continues to interrogate the first cultist. Katarzyna doesn’t like what’s happening, so she leaves the room and goes upstairs. The cultist tells Jean-Baptiste that Arren Vrood is in the temple, surrounded by undead. Jean-Baptiste and the cultist trade insults. Gregore goes upstairs to see what’s bothering Katarzyna, and tells her that Arren Vrood is in the temple. Later, he brings some food up to Katarzyna. Katarzyna tells Gregore that she doesn’t approve of Jean-Baptiste’s methods in interrogating the cultists.

Downstairs, the interrogation continues. The uncooperative cultist won’t say anything, so she is killed, her throat is slit by one of the werewolves. The blind cultist says that Vrood is a necromancer and priest, and his priestess Acreitia is in the temple with him. She also says she doesn’t know much about the machine that connects to the Hell, and Gregore thinks she means the Abyss. She says that the curates control the festrogs. The cultist tells Jean-Baptiste that there are two pylons associated with the Infernal Machine, the device Arren Vrood is using to connect to Hell. Eventually Jean-Baptiste apologizes to Rhakis.

During the night, during Abner’s watch, the walls start to shift, and Abner is alarmed and goes to wake up Jean-Baptiste. They are in an unfamiliar environment. It is very dark for the others, very bright for Katarzyna, and makes it very difficult for them to see beyond a very small area. Jean-Baptiste and Katarzyna venture into the darkness toward a dim green light, tying themselves to a rope and investigating a body at the point of origin of the light. The light turns out to be a lantern, which emits a lantern.jpgstrange green light, and there is a corpse nearby. Katarzyna also sees a metal skull, and Jean-Baptiste grabs it. Grewin is looking out at them, and notices that the green light increases when Jean-Baptiste picks up the skull. A creature made of gloomy darkness attacks Jean-Baptiste. He recognizes it as a shadow. Katarzyna Turns the shadow, and they make it back to their base.

Gregore asks for Jean-Baptiste’s help in spreading an alchemical mixture around the perimeter of the rooms. He is using a consecration spell to lessen the oppressive nature of the environment and hopefully keep the undead at bay. Jean-Baptiste then goes to Kendra and removes her blindness. Gregore then goes to help Grewin overcome his feelings of despair. He then goes to Katarzyna and tries to talk to her, but she is not receptive to him. Kendra calls attention to the skull they found, and Katarzyna realizes it is a Whispering Skull. It is similar in function to an ioun stone. Katarzyna notices that it speaks in many voices, and one of them is Vudran, which she knows. Kendra takes a look at the effigy. She can’t really tell what it is. Gregore suggests that they all try to get some sleep. Katarzyna has trouble getting back to sleep. Jean-Baptiste gives her an infusion to help her sleep.

Tuesday, August 12th, 758, Feldgrau, The Furrows, Ustalav

The next morning, they awake and prepare for the day. They decide to head toward the cemetery, to disable one of the pylons of the Infernal Machine. Katarzyna notices an aurora in the sky when she hoods the green spectral lantern. Grewin is guiding them. They run into an undead child. Grewin is upset when she reaches out for him and dissipates. They battle the undead creatures that are attacking the girl. They then try to reconcile the girl’s spirit. They lay her to rest in the best way they can, with Gregore taking the lead. Gregore digs a grave for the girl. He takes the poker with him, he says that he has to “cool” it before 24 hours passes, otherwise the haunts will re-coalesce. The girl’s home seems to have regained the aspect of the real world/Ravenloft, rather than the aspect of the Hell dimension.

They make their way to the warehouse adjacent to the cemetery. It has taken on the metal and rusted aspect of the Hell dimension. There is a huge wrought iron gate, which they open. Jean-Baptiste notices that the green light seems to cause the bodies on meathooks to writhe. They decide to look into the cemetery through the wrought iron fence around the perimeter of the cemetery. They run into a festrog, and one bites Grewin and swallows a bit of his shoulder which seems to regenerate the wounds on the festrog. They defeat the festrog and see an obelisk. At that moment, Katarzyna hears the whispering skull warn her that there is something behind her. She whirls around and shoots her would-be assassin with a lightning bolt. Grewin goes up to the obelisk and starts turning the wet earth to mud. They fight three acolytes at the pylon. The pylon starts to luminesce, but not from the effect of the machine. The three clerics are a tough fight, and Abner and Grewin are each blinded during the fight, but Gregore helps them regain their sight. Gregore sends the wings of Ezra to attack the last cleric. He also hits her with a Terrible Remorse spell. After they are defeated, Katarzyna is able to determine that the cleric’s rings have a combination of abjuration and necromancy magic.

They take stock of the pylon as Grewin’s spell dissipates. Katarzyna and Kendra look at the pylon, and notice Akiri heiroglyphs on it. Katarzyna casts Spider Climb in preparation to climb the pylon. Katarzyna suggests eradicating the runes on the pylon that are written in blood. Jean-Baptiste reads the heiroglyphs, which refers to the Akiri Book of the Dead. Gregore decides that cleaning off the runes with holy water will disrupt the spells. Katarzyna and Kendra help clean off the runes. Jean-Baptiste determines that it would take a considerable effort of physical strength to pull down the pylon. Jean-Baptiste creates an infusion of Enlarge Person, and they try to pull down the pylon. A festrog attacks during the attempt. After Katarzyna Turns the one surviving festrog, they manage to knock down the obelisk. They then return to the cabin where Ostovach has been waiting. They discuss where to go next.

They decide that Kendra will go with the werewolves, while the others look for the second pylon. Grewin leads them south through town. Katarzyna carries the lantern. Ostovach is hindered, but he is ready to fight with his good arm. Grewin leads them through, and they hear festrogs the whole time. They run across a haunt, of a woman being raped by a soldier. Abner is overcome by a bloodlust from the pool of blood coming from the woman and turns a malevolent eye to Grewin. Ostovach throws his longsword at the spectre hitting it directly in the chest, and it dissipates. Jean-Baptiste looks for the woman’s bones, but Abner finds them in the fireplace. Jean-Baptiste gathers up her bones and puts one of her dresses with her, and aims to bury her before a day has passed.

They hear a festrog very close by, and they all hide quickly. A human and a festrog enter the room with a lantern, but Katarzyna had quickly shaded their lantern before they came in. Everyone manages to hide, and they leave them be. They wait a few minutes, then Grewin guides them on their way. They pass a doorway, and Grewin notes a warm glow coming from inside the room. It appears to be a corral for undead skeletons. Katarzyna Turns them and they all cower to one side of the room, and Gregore Pulses to destroy them all at once.

They continue on. They decide to go down an alleyway. As they come out of the alleyway, they continue to move toward the south part of town.

The group moves on. As they’re walking in the dark (overly bright for Katarzyna), Jean-Baptiste and Abner notice some writing on the wall. In red paint, it says “no peace”. The paint looks fresh. They also find runes written in blood. There are also bones stuck in the wall. necromancy003.jpgThere is a skull in the wall covered in all sorts of alchemical symbols, and Jean-Baptiste pulls it out and crushes it. There is a black wisp of energy that is released from the skull, and they each have brief flashes of what feels like memories coming from the skull. Katarzyna realizes that some of the symbols are planar in origin, while Jean-Baptiste realizes that the symbology is associated with the Hags of Tartarus, who trade in souls and have been associated with the binding of angels and demons.

They continue on, and they run across a small garden, now completely obliterated. Lining the garden is a short ‘fence’ made of barbed wire strung between femur bones. They see movement in the ground, and Jean-Baptiste throws a rock at the ‘garden’ and they see what looks like a body trying to get out of the garden, that is swathed in blankets of earth and cockroaches. Katarzyna casts Burning Hands on the garden and the cockroaches. The roaches come at them. Gregore Pulses, and kills all the roaches, and reveals a network of vines and roots in the denuded garden. The roots look like veins, and where a plant would be looks like a heart among the vines/veins. There is a creature underneath the network of vines, writhing in pain. Katarzyna shoots the vines with Burning Hands again. Abner strikes two of the hearts. The vines disappear. Katarzyna gathers up the bones of the boy.

They get their bearings, and Jean-Baptiste believes he knows where they are in town. They go into another building. Abner leads them through the building. Abner opens a door for a closet. They then go into another room. It is the kitchen. They go through the other door, and are back in the main room. They then go through another door. It’s a bedroom, and there are restraints on it. They then go through an archway and up some stairs. As they’re coming down the stairs, they overhear two voices. Katarzyna fires off a lightning bolt as she sees her companions getting ready to fight the two people walking outside. The woman is killed by the lightning bolt, as the guy pulls the woman in front of him to absorb the brunt of the blast. He sends a fire blast at Ostovach and Amelia, then Abner backstabs him. Jean-Baptiste then stabs him with a rapier from behind, and kills him, stabbing him through the eye. As he dies, he starts to bleed through his eyes and mouth, with the blood almost like an acid. Jean-Baptiste examines the body. Katarzyna joins them out in the street. Ostovach moves the bodies out of the street, at Katarzyna’s behest. She tries to get rid of any obvious signs of a struggle. Gregore opens the door nearby, and Pulses. He kills many of them, and when Katarzyna asks if he got them all. He says there are still some left, so he goes in to deal with them. Jean-Baptiste and Gregore wade in and deal with the armored skeletons, and Abner rolls in and helps to destroy the skeletons. They decide to knock out another room, then return to their ‘camp’ to rest so that Gregore can regain his healing spells. They return to their base of operations.

Back at the camp, Kendra and the remaining wolves are quite the worse the wear. They were set upon by the other wolves. They discuss the planar nature of the runes and such, that she also encountered during the day. Kendra starts her ritual of automatic writing. Kendra tells them that the skull was an ancestor skull, and that it wanted to talk with them. They decide to have a seance. Kendra starts chanting.

They all share a vision. In it, they see Count Neska giving the order to kill all of the inhabitants of Feldgrau. They also see young Arren Vrood emerging alive from the mass grave in the town square. Margrave Cilas Graydon was in the vision as a young lieutenant to Count Neska, but he was reluctant to carry out the Count’s orders. Count Neska was exceedingly cruel.

Rhakis tells them that in their excursion, they discovered the location of the Demon’s Wolves. They discuss taking care of the Demon’s Wolves next, since they continue to harry them. They spend the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing and planning for the next day. Abner prepares a very tasty meal for them, though he has little to work with. The night goes by uneventfully, though they each have disturbing dreams and awake with a start several times.

Wednesday, August 13th, 758, Feldgrau, The Furrows, Ustalav

They have a decent breakfast, thanks to Abner. The first objective of the day is to bury the remains of the child they found the previous day in the garden of bones. Grewin is able to get them to the cemetery easily. They decide that Abner, Jan, and Grewin will reconnoiter the area of the pylon. They see cultists at the pylon, inscribing runes. Grewin and the werewolf Jan return to the group, to tell them what’s going on and plan how to proceed. Katarzyna, Gregore and Amelia are going to use Katarzyna’s Dimension Door to arrive at the pylon, waiting for the others to get into position. As soon as they arrive via Dimension Door, they attack. Abner comes out of hiding to attack one of them, but the guy spots him. Jean-Baptiste shoots one, and Kendra shoots the same one. Katarzyna uses a Lightning Bolt on the third one, wounding him a great deal. Gregore goes after the one Katarzyna hit, and finishes him off. Amelia attacks the one Abner attacked. Ostovach attacks the one that was shot by Kendra and Jean-Baptiste, but misses. Rhakis and his werewolves attack them also. At the end of the first round of combat, two of the cultists are dead. Immediately thereafter, Abner kills the third one. Abner then tells them that others are coming. They decide to move the bodies away and wait for the others to arrive. Jean-Baptiste washes off the runes that the cultists had been painting onto the obelisk. Jean-Baptiste manages to remove all the implements that the cultists had been using. A werewolf approaches Rhakis, and tells them that a festrog and a curate are approaching. Katarzyna Spider Climbs to the top of the obelisk. They hear the festrog before they see it. The curate steps into the light. She is immediately killed by the groups attacks coming from all directions, Katarzyna’s lightning bolt finishing her off. The festrog attacks Amelia, but the group manages to take it down before it can do any serious harm to anyone. Jean-Baptiste inspects the items that the curate was carrying.

They decide to head toward the building that had been identified by Kendra and Rhakis the day before as the lair of the Demon Wolves. Everyone is in pretty high spirits from their successful conquest of the cultists and the festrog. They discuss strategy for dealing with the Demon’s Wolves. In the end, they decide to investigate the building adjacent to the Demon Wolves’ lair.

They head toward a building that turns out to be the Feldgrau Inn. The sign is moving in a non-existent breeze. They go into the Inn, and they’re met by the spectral form of the innkeeper. They try to talk to the haunt, but he hangs himself in spite of their efforts. He then strikes out at Jean-Baptiste. Katarzyna, Kendra and Gregore hit the ghost with magical attacks, and the creature attacks Gregore next. The creature lets out a moan. Grewin is panicked by the moaning, and drops his weapons and flees. The creature gets a good hit on several of them, but they finally strike it down.

They check out the inn. Jean-Baptiste finds some loose floorboards at the front desk. There is a metal strongbox in the compartment. Jean-Baptiste opens the box, which contains coins and a small ring box. The coins are covered in blood. In the ring box is a jeweler’s loupe. They find the ledger, which is very old. Ulkris Sedmyr is the name of the innkeeper.

They then go to the building known to be inhabited by the Demon’s Wolves. They discover that the building is a mill. As Grewin enters the building, a wolf attacks. Grewin is wounded severely on the first hit. They fight the two wolves at the door. Katarzyna Spider Climbs up the outside wall of the mill, but the windows are so grime-darkened she can’t see through them. Grewin is severely wounded again. The battle rages for several moments. They eventually take down both the wolves. Grewin asks if one of the wolves is Adimarus Ionacu. A voice comes from the second floor, and says “No”.

Adimarus Ionacu speaks with them briefly, trading barbs and boasts, and finally comes down to face them. Katarzyna immediately places a Web spell in the area around the ladder that Adimarus dropped down, trapping Adimarus’ allies in the room above. The all converge on Adimarus and attack. After a contentious struggle, Abner gets off an amazing shot and kills him outright, stabbing him through a gap in his armor, under his arm. At that moment, Adimarus’ acolytes break through Katarzyna’s Web spell and peer down into the main room. As they look on, Rhakis cuts out the heart of Adimarus Ionacu and eats it, proclaiming his dominance over the remaining Jezeldans. The two Demon’s Wolves are now ostensibly under the control of Rhakis, but the atmosphere remains taut with aggression among the wolves.



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