Lanterns in the Mist

The Warden's Wife

The group meets Vesorianna Hawkran's ghost when they return to Harrowstone.

Thursday, May 15, 758, Ravengro, Ustalev

Kendra, Abner, Dragos, Gregore and Katarzyna decide to head over to the monument. Kendra is wearing breeches because of the mud, but Katarzyna does not own breeches, and wears her usual skirts. Sherriff Benjan Caeller is present, as is Deputy Riff. Riff scowls at them as they walk by. Dragos and Gregore hear Riff grousing about them, and Dragos confronts Riff. They share a few tense words, but Benjan defuses the situation. Gibs also gives them a dark look.

They arrive at the monument and see the blood, spelling “VESOR”. Dragos inspects the monument as Gregore looks for prints by the river. Katarzyna talks to the Sherriff. Katarzyna hears Gibs talking to Riff, they are commiserating about the group. Katarzyna does not engage with Gibs or Riff, knowing it to be futile to try to win over either of them. Kendra is up at the monument collecting samples of the blood. Dragos and Gregore pick up a trail, and follow the trail. The trail leads to a field near the monument, and they also track down a slaughtered pig, a pig that belonged to Marta Straelock, whose property is some ways away.

Kendra is collecting a sample of blood. Katarzyna talks with her about the sample. Kendra is collecting the sample, and wishes to learn how to differentiate different types of blood, as Gregore does. She hopes Gregore will teach her. Kendra tells Katarzyna that there have been other people who had nightmares like Katarzyna’s, with blood on the walls. Katarzyna talks to Sherriff Benjan, and he tells her that the Garrick’s daughter Maria had a similar experience with her name written in blood and some kind of nightmare. Katarzyna makes a mental note to locate the family and talk to the girl in the near future.

Dragos, Gregore, Abner and the farmer return to the memorial. Katarzyna talks to Dragos, and Kendra talks to Gregore. Gregore tells them that the pig had been slaughtered in a very violent manner. Kendra, Dragos and Katarzyna go back to where the pig’s remains lay, then go back to where Dragos and Gregore had lost the trail. Gregore finishes up cleaning the monument, then returns the bucket he used, then rejoins Dragos, Kendra and Katarzyna.

As they are talking in the fields, a young boy with a pitchfork calls out to them to leave the area. Gregore talks to the boy, and looks at his boots. The boy had heard the hog scream. He does also mention that he has heard Gibs stumbling around at night after returning home from drinking. The boy also remembers seeing Gibs in a night shirt, so probably had been drinking at home. Old Thomas greets them as they are talking to the boy. He invites them in for tea. Katarzyna and Kendra introduce themselves, and meet Thomas’ wife Marguerite. Thomas gives his son’s name as Robért, and the daughter’s name as Lydia. Lydia is away at the University of Lepidstadt studying business and commerce. The family has lived in the area for about 200 years, and was one of the first families to farm the land as a contract with the Prison. Dragos asks them about the sounds of the animals. They have raspberry preserves and warm bread, thank the family for their hospitality and leave.

Gregore confronts Gibs, and basically accuses him of being the person responsible for the blood on the memorial. Gibs considers Gregore quietly for a moment, then tells him that he doesn’t have to answer his questions, then calls Gregore a “half-breed”. He tells them nothing of value to their investigation, and returns to his humble shack.

They return to the estate, and Dragos checks on Illindri. Abner is extremely upset that the item he was baking has burned. Kendra writes in her journal. Gregore talks to Kendra about Illindri’s treatment. She has about half a minute of lucidity during the latest treatment, the first indicator of a breakthrough in the treatment.

Katarzyna returns to peruse the books in the crate, to refamiliarize herself with them. She hopes to glean something useful, now that they have had more opportunity to learn about the town and some of the causes of the disturbances at Harrowstone Prison.

Dragos leaves the house, and sees Sherriff Benjan escorting a wagon, with a crying woman riding in the wagon. There is a covered bundle in the wagon, and Dragos quickly deduces that it is a corpse. Benjan tells Vrodish to take the body to the cemetery. Benjan tells Dragos that the deceased was the young girl, Maria Garrick, who had the nightmare of the Splatter Man, and whose name had been written in blood on her wall. The young girl had apparently hanged herself. Benjan stops Dragos from questioning the parents of the girl immediately. Dragos leads Benjan over to where they found the slaughtered pig. Benjan is able to pick up the trail that the others had lost, and they follow it. They run into Tresselblade at an inopportune time as they’re investigating, and Benjan loses the trail at Old Thomas’ house. They talk to Old Thomas as they’re investigating. Dragos takes Benjan aside, and they discuss possibilities of furthering the investigation.

Abner returns home in the evening, and Victor has cooked dinner. Dragos takes a nap. Katarzyna tells them that she wants to talk to the girl who had the nightmare, at which point Dragos informs her that the girl had hung herself. Katarzyna is quiet after that. She talks to Kendra about potions or magic to prevent dreaming while sleeping, and then Katarzyna goes to Jominda’s shop and speaks with her for awhile, in hopes of finding something to help her sleep without experiencing another dream from the Splatter Man. Jominda gives her a draught of Dreamless Sleep for 5 gold pieces.

Dragos is talking with Kendra about scrolls, as Gregore leaves the Estate. Dragos asks him where he is headed, and he grunts noncomittally.

As Katarzyna is returning home from Jominda’s shop, she sees Gregore and Abner returning home, with Abner a bit on the tipsy side. Katarzyna tries to hide from them, but Gregore spots her easily. Katarzyna is unaware that she has been spotted. When she arrives back at the estate, she drinks the potion and sleeps a restful, dreamless sleep, as the potion promised.

Friday, May 16, 758, Ravengro, Ustalev

The day dawns, and Katarzyna is up before Gregore and Dragos, for once. Abner knocks on their doors, and asks them if they are up for a trip to Harrowstone. An hour later, everyone collects in the front hall, and they prepare to head out. Gregore confronts Katarzyna about her following him the previous night, and her cold attitude toward him, and they have a heated discussion. He talks about the trials of the giomorgo, and how the Vistani heritage has given him a lot of trouble over the years. He appears to think that Katarzyna is upset about his half-Vistani heritage and its concomitant condition, the lunatio. She assures him that the condition itself was never the source of her displeasure, that she was worried about him when he was gone during the night, and upset that he had treated the incident cavalierly, in her view. Gregore and Katarzyna come to an uneasy accord, and they all head out to Harrowstone Prison.

The fog is burning off, and the weather is humid. They arrive at the prison, and talk about how to proceed.

02 Vestibule

  • >03 West Single Door — Administrative offices, Warden’s office,
  • >04 North Double Door — Intake, Chapel, Interrogation, Workshop, and Laundry.
  • >05 East Double Door — Hallway to Auditorium/Courtroom
  • >06 East Single Door — Hallway to Property Room.

04 North Double Door >Hallway, 50ft, Double doors at the end, doors on East and West walls, near the end of the hallway. There is a door on the West wall, and two sets of double doors.
(Doors are numbered counterclockwise, starting from the right)

  • >041 First Double Doors, East Wall—Blocked, flight of stairs that lead to basement.
  • >042 Second Double Doors, East Wall —Flight of stairs that lead to the upper level
  • >043 Single Door, East Wall—Closet
  • >044 Double Doors, North Wall—Last door opened, this is the infirmary, the same room as 05.1111. The poltergeist does not manifest.
  • >045 Single Door, West Wall—Hallway, that leads to another series of hallways
  • >0451 Doorway to Chapel, door is destroyed. Katarzyna and Dragos search the room and are attacked by spiders. Katarzyna uses Detect Magic to discover something magical in a cabinet. There is a nonmagical holy symbol of Pharasma, some bits of cloth and five vials, non magical but do have something. The vials are holy water, the wand has a light blue aura. Gregore determines that it is a wand of Cure Light Wounds. He gives it to Kendra to carry, since he can heal people with other means. It has writing in Jitska. There is a scroll of Lesser Restoration. Gregore gives Katarzyna a vial of Lesser Restoration, but she doesn’t drink it quite yet.
  • >0452 Door to pentagonal room. Gregore says he detects a spirit in the room. Kendra uses her Skull talisman to detect “anguish” but not any actual spirits. They think it might be an induction room.
  • >0453 Room with braziers and branding irons. Gregore goes into the room, and the branding irons stand up on end and start to glow. He pulses with energy, and they all fall to the floor, inert. Gregore empties a
  • > 0454 Northwest Door—Gregore opens the door. It is a Prison workshop. There is lots of fabric and related. Kendra mentions that Vesorianna had died in the prison workshop, and they speculate that the skeleton might be the corpse of Vesorianna. An apparition rises from the remains. It is Vesorianna Hawkran. She tells them that the spirit of her husband used to keep the other spirits in check, but he has since been rendered powerless. She tells them that two months prior, a group arrived and stayed at the prison at night, rebuking and controlling the spirits. She says the group inscribed the prison with runes, gaining power. They murdered Professor Lorrimor. She tells them that destroying the runes will not lessen the power, and won’t release her husband. The man that killed the professor was a thin, grey-skinned human who wore a bone breastplate. The cultists performed a ritual, that felt like a horrific storm to Vesorianna. After the ritual, Warden Hawkran was gone. With the Warden’s ghost gone, she tells them that the five unquiet spirits, it will stop the manifestations, and with a symbol of Wardenship, it will release her spirit and remove the curse on the prison. She says to look for the Property Room, in the southeast corner of the prison. The Property Room contains objects that will help defeat the five criminals, but they are cursed objects and should be used with great caution. She says the prison was too full, and the arrival of the five in 708 taxed the resources. The Lopper and the Splatter Man spearheaded the escape attempt. Warden Hawkran sealed the prison guards and himself in the lower level. The Warden and the guards were captured by the prisoners, and the prisoners tried to get the remaining guards to haul them up through the lift. The guards tried to keep a lid on things, but Vesorianna made her way to the prison that day. The guards explained to her the situation. She pleaded with them to remove the deadfall to stage a rescue. She released the lift in an attempt to save her husband, but it crushed guards and prisoners. The guards grabbed Vesorianna and locked her in the workshop. After the fire started, Vesorianna died from smoke inhalation. She thinks the spirit of the Warden’s office might have been contacted through the ethereal plane. She tells them that the Piper and Father Charlatan are on the level above, while the Lopper, The Splatter Man and Mosswater Marauder are below in the jail complex.
  • >0455 North Wall Door —There is a chute that leads outside, this looks like the laundry room, with iron tubs, washboards, and heaps of moldy clothing. Dragos sees an apparition of a child under a heap of clothing. Combat with the creature ensues (I had to leave at this point)
  • >046 Single Door, West Wall—Hallway, that leads to another series of hallways, probably connects to the same hallways as 045

The group leaves Vesorianna’s Chamber and return to the Property Room. Abner tries to open the door, but fails. They try to open the safe, but that doesn’t work either…

The Property Room was opened, and the items associated with the five criminals were acquired. Katarzyna learned the “Knock” spell to open the door.

Father Charlatan’s bones were located in his cell on the second level of Harrowstone but no haunts manifested themselves. In true Charlatan style the father hid himself and tried to possess Dragos’ body. Dragos fought a battle of wills but came out on top and defeated Father Charlatan.

The Piper was located on the second floor of Harrowstone in the west wing. He manifested himself and played a mournful dirge on his flute. His music caused those listening to become unnerved. The music also stirred the bones of the dead in the area and brought in nesting stirges from the Harrowstone roof. Spectral stirges rushed at the group while they attempted to banish him. Kendra played the Piper’s flute and its music assailed the piper causing his spectre pain. The playing of the flute took its toll on Kendra as well. Within moments blood began to come from Kendra’s eyes, ears, and fingertips. The will of the party was strong and fought off the influence of the piper allowing them to concentrate and quickly banish the Piper



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