Abner Freeman (Deceased)

Lanky, Middle Aged, Street Tough


Abner is a man reborn though horribly scarred from battle and wars his kind deeds sewed the seeds that bloomed into acts of kindness that repaired his disfigured visage. His hair is a dark brown color though there is some minor graying on his temples, intense dark eyes that pierce the soul and a well groomed mustache and beard. He is lanky and stands about 6’2".


He was drafted early on into the Mordent military to fight against Drakov of Falkovnia’s army. During his time he was used as a scrounger and skirmisher. He saw many horrors but struggled through them by building up a wall against them in his mind. Later on he took work with an expedition company that support various wealthy individuals in their exploration and quests. It was on one of these that he met Prof. Lorrimor. On this trip they were beset by goblyns. Lorrimor was almost killed by them but Abner saved him unfortunately gaining many vicious woulds in the process. While escorting Lorrimor wounded body back to civilization Abner and his group was attacked by barrow wights that stole much of Abner’s spark and left him a shell of a man.

Abner retired to a quiet life as a cook and butcher. This lasted for a few lonely quiet years. Despite all that had happened to him when he last traveled he was feeling a little to sedentary and bored these days. Then one day letter arrived asking him to come to a funeral for Professor Lorrimor.

Abner spent time traveling with Kendra and the new friends he made at the funeral of his old friend. They had found out the professor was murdered by a cult called the Whispering Way. As they hounded the way the became fast friends and Abner became the heart of the team. He blossomed a love with young Kendra Lorrimor who saw past his physical deformities. Many of the group began to think so highly Abner that once they came into riches they used that to get magical healing for his scars. Not long after though many of the group noticed a change in Abner. When his external ugliness had been repaired a malignant and growing internal ugliness began. Jealousy and avarice began to take hold and spread. Some theorize it was a fear that took root. A fear of losing that which he had sought for so long,. Spies of the way noticed the change in Abner as well. In Thrushmoor the Way noticed that Abner was alone quit a bit. They approached him and over the course of two days they beguiled him with promises of riches, powerful arcane weapons, and safety for his most prized jewel- Kendra. In return for the treasures given him he had to steal one of the pieces of the Carrion Crown the Pharasmin relic known as the Ravens Head Mace. It was one of the first holy weapons of the church and a potent item against undead. Abner stole the mace and and gave it to the Way. It did not take the group long fortunately to divine that Abner was behind the theft. once caught he tried to argue the point, mess with peoples minds in an effort to escape. The group was too angry and hurt to fall for it. In the end and after trouble and pain they recovered the Ravens Head. They deliberated and decided that Abner knew too much to be allowed to live. If Abner was going to prove to be a villain then he would be treated like one. With that realization they executed him with a disruption ray.

Abner Freeman (Deceased)

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