Cilas Graydon

Guest at Ascanor Lodge, onetime military leader, deceased


Nearing 50 years old, Cilas Graydon, the Margrave of Sturnidae, is a retired military commander who served under Count Neska of Barstoi. Graydon is infamous for the ruthless brutality of his martial strategies. He wears his hair cropped short and has a carefully trimmed goatee and waxed mustache. There is scar across his left eyebrow.

His very particular friend Etchmoor Dravin was killed by the weaverworm near the edge of the forest. The party let him know. He was crushed by the news but was very thankful for letting him know and turning Etchmoors belongings over to him.

He was murdered on August 3rd, by what the group suspects was a werewolf but later found out that it was by a Vilkacis summoned by Estovian.


Cilas Graydon

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