Dragos Van Caver

Inquisitor of Ezra


Dragos is a tall pale and yet somehow still dark figure of a man. Shoulder length hair with dark eyes and five o clock shadow on his face.

Age 25, 5’7”, 190 lbs. Pale skin, dark hair, brown eyes. Carries a staff and a longsword. Wears a tall hat with a wide brim, black cloak and clothes.

Dragos gave his life battling an Ala. He had gotten the Ala’s attention to buy a fellow group member time to be healed. The Ala was a vicious powerful evil fey opponent. The fatal strike was a bite from the hag’s toothy maw that ripped most of his throat away.

When his body was given over to the Ezrites in Lepidstadt, he was raised and sent on a mission for the church.



Dragos Van Caver

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