Young Warden of Ezra


Ruddy/Mediterranean complexion, dark hair, silver eyes, late 20s, heavy accent. 6’1” 180 lbs.



Gregore is a young Warden of Ezra from the Land of Borca on the mainland.

The young cleric doesn’t speak much of his past to anyone, partly out of a mix of both fear and pride. The secret of his Giomorgio bloodlines has been shared with his companions, but he guards this secret closely out of the fear of how most common folk react when dealing with any Vistani… half blood or not. Instead he struggles with the internal battle of his pride of who he is and how this person is viewed by the outside world, and his charge as a warden to protect the innocent faithful of Ezra and to settle the restless spirits now commonplace around Ravengro.

He remains as solid a cleric as he can be despite this inner turmoil he’s dealt with since he was old enough to understand it, and will staunchly protect all those he encounters that he perceives being persecuted against for any reason. He tempers this fire as best he can with a wisdom beyond his years, but even still, there are times when old wounds fester or the Vistani blood his mother gave him runs a little hotter, and he must just deal with things as best he can.

Gregore acts as faithfully as he can to uphold the life of learning, knowledge, and understanding he came to respect in the late Professor. The news of his passing came as a great shock to Gregore, as the Professor was his first true friend who only strove to understand what made the young Giomorgio what he was, never treating him as anything less that a whole being, instead of just a half-blooded bastard gypsy. Gregore will ceaselessly endure whatever it takes to bring those responsible for his friend and mentor’s death to justice- be it by the laws of men and Ezra, or dispensed by the warden’s own hand.


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