Jean Baptiste Harrow

Lozeri Inspector


Hair brown, eyes silver (were originally blue) until a meeting with the Godess Halla. Tall, slender but lithe, John Baptist is a dashing figure, but has some personality quirks. John Baptiste has issues with those that do not respect the authority of the office of inspector but the dichotomy is that John Baptist is not above working out side the “law” as to achieve the greater good.


Jean_pre_Halla.jpgJean Baptiste is the son Jean Pierre Baptiste who was a famous detective known for giving his life while capturing the serial killer known as the “Lopper”. Jean Baptiste was raised by his fathers former partner Farren who was also an inspector. Jean Baptiste attended Lepistadt University. Upon graduating he became a Inspector with Lozeri and even got to work a case where Prof. Lorrimor was a specialist brought into assist in the case.

Jean Baptiste Harrow

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