Jominda Fallenbridge

Owner of Jominda's Apothecary


An attractive Ustalavic woman in her late 20’s. She has raven hair that she works hard to make it look like a care free style. She has the Ustalavic look of dark eyes and pale skin.


Jominda leaves in Ravengro and owns Jominda’s apothecary. She is an adequate herbalist for a small village. Jominda at times grows bored of the small village life and can take to gossiping. The sherrif has crush on her. She seems oblivious to that and seems to think that he is keeping an eye on her because he thinks she is breaking the law. While the group has yet to follow up on her illegal activities, Jominda was a good friend of Petros Lorrimor and attended his funeral.

It was found out that she procures and distributes regulated herbs and alchemical mixtures. She has been hounded by Riff who for personal reasons was trying to expose Jominda’s crimes and prosecute her. It was due to this that Jominda enacted a plan born of desperation. She poisoned RIff, Trestleblade, and Vrodish making them ill for a night while she attended her secret meeting to procur her goods, afterwards she secretly supplied or administered the cures to the sickened deputies. Gregore worked out that someone had poisoned the deputies and Dragos supplied that he believed it was Jominda. Gregore went to confront her but after the entreaties of Kendra, let Kendra talk to her instead. Later that same night Jominda showed up at the Lorrimor House and privately talked with Gregore seemingly putting the issue to bed.

Jominda Fallenbridge

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