Leromar Horgan (deceased)

Former deputy constable of Ravengro


Young handsome man, full of swagger and bravado. He has close cut dark brown hair and eyes.


Leromar was a former deputy constable in Ravengro. Leromar pictures himself somewhat as a ladies man but his reputation in town led to him to be able to only try his charms on visiting ladies and daughters of traveling merchants. The group uncovered information and proof showing that Leromar killed his brother to become the sole heir to the family inheritance five years ago. His plan was for naught though because his brother had hidden the family deeds and valuables. After spending months looking for the cache in vain he sank into depression and bitterness. It took almost a year but eventually he pulled himself up by his boot straps redoubled his efforts to find the cache and in the mean time support himself as a deputy in Ravengro. He figured it would only be a matter of time before he found the inheritance, could sell the farm and move to Caliphas to live as a true wealthy playboy at least long enough to steal some rich widows heart. Leromar was found guilty of fratricide and was sentenced to death by hanging in May 758. He was buried at Restlands Cemetery the same day he was executed.

Leromar Horgan (deceased)

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