Lydia Talavi'ir

1/2 elf law student in Lepidsadt


Lydia is a young (for half elf years) lady. She has brown hair, hazel eyes, fair skin, and a petite build.


Lydia was born into a well to do minor noble family in Darkon. Her mother a noble blooded elf and her father, a half elf, a son of a wealthy merchant. Her parents were blessed by the gods and had three children. As the youngest of the three children little pressure was put on her to fulfill any specific roles and was given more of a free range in her destiny. When she was of age she attended the University of Il Aluk in the Darkon capitol. After graduating she moved around attending various universities or apprenticing to judges, solicitors and barristers. Eventually she attended Lepistadt University and worked as a intern to Judge Daramid. She ecame friends with a ward of the judge named Jominda and through her met Jean Baptiste and her other friends. A somewhat whirlwind romance sprung up between her and Jean.

Lydia Talavi'ir

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