Markiz Welory hunt companion


A broad-shouldered and handsome young huntsman and hired hand, who was employed by Markiza Welory to act as lead huntsman whilst she is staying at the Lodge. Ostovach has since left his work as a guide and has taken up with the Lanterns and their cause.


Ostovach (who’s first name is Nikolas) has said that he was an orphan who grew up trying to raise his sister Diona after their parents were killed at the Ostovach farm in Amaan. After their deaths the local lord gave the farm to a minor noble who wanted to expand grazing land for his cattle. With no home or means of supporting his sister they moved into the Eshirwoods and he began to poach animals from the local lords. They made the beginnings of a life, a poor remote life but still a life. Diona had a small garden and tried to do her best on the domestic side. Ostovach who was self taught did his best to make a small stone hut for them to live in. Time went by and Ostovach became skilled as a woodsman but life can be hard and cruel. They did not have much and Diona was nearly always sad. It broke Ostovach’s heart and so he decided to try and move them to a community or city. He tried his hand at guiding for hunters and travelers making their way through the Eshirwood but it was hard to get clients, they discounted him because of his youth and looks. Splitting his time trying to get clients and hunt for the home became hard and things began to fall apart at home. When things got to their worst Ostovach was turned down yet again for an expedition. However this particular noble had a bored wife he brought with him. She saw Ostovach and persuaded her husband to take him along as a guide for her. One night when the hunters were out and only Ostovach and the wife were at the base camp, the nobles wife began to pressure him to provide extra services for her. He was reluctant and resisted her advances but she persuaded him by telling Ostovach that he could either be accommodating and make extra coin or she could tell her husband that he tried to force himself on her. That was an easy decision. He left that job with a nice sized purse. He was able to buy some needed supplies and begin saving towards moving his sister and him to a larger community. As time went on he got more and more jobs but for the wrong reasons. He did not always have to perform “special services” for all of them, some he could just use his charm instead. After some time they were able to move to Marian Leigh. It wasn’t to a great house but he could support them and even buy her some books. She loved to read and was march smarter than him. Every now and then he gets jobs and brings the money home trying to save up to get her to a university.


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