Professor Petros Lorrimor (deceased)

Researcher, Professor, and Mentor


Professor Petros Lorrimor dedicated his life to discovering all he could about the Dark Arts, Necromancy, and such related things. He was a brilliant man and spent many decades researching and sharing his knowledge at one of Ustalav’s most prestigious places of higher learning, the University of Leipstadt. He retired from teaching 15 years ago and relocated to Ravengro with his 10 year old daughter Kendra to continue his research at his own pace, in his own way, and in the comfort of his own home without having to worry about the bother of politics that so often accompanies University life. His life in Ravengro was a simple one and he and Kendra were always comfortable, never wanting for anything. He recently passed away leaving behind only his daughter Kendra.


Professor Petros Lorrimor (deceased)

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