Rhakis Szadro

Packlord of the Margreve and Shudderwood


Rhakis is very typical of his pack, and perhaps that is why he makes such a perfect leader for the Prince’s Wolves. He is silver-tongued, quick thinking, and sly, but that makes it hard for people who spend much time with him to know when he’s telling the truth or not. Strength at arms doesn’t seem to be his calling, so his pack is likely one of the few that doesn’t prize brute physical power over all else. Rhakis travelled with the group to track down the Auren Vrood and the Whispering Way at Feldgrau after the way had absconded with Kvalca Sains heart. He assisted in destroying the Whispering Ways machinations to build an army at Feldgrau. In doing so though he lost all of his pack that was present with him. At the end of the assault on Feldgrau, Rhakis returned to the Margeve.


Rhakis Szadro

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