Half Elf Deputy of Ravengro


Tresselblade is a 39yo female half elf with light brown hair and green eyes.


Though most people do not know it Tresselblade’s real name is Melian and she hails from Sithicus. People are unsure why she came to Ustalav but about three years ago the young girl showed up applied for the advertised deputy position. She seemed unqualified for the posting but gossip that Benjan has “other uses” for her in mind. She mostly keeps to herself and can be spied either walking in the forest by herself or practicing with bow and blade. Most of the town folk say that the touch of the fey runs strong with her and they steer clear of her not sure if she if she will give in to the pernicious ways of the fey. Some townsfolk have accepted her as not dangerous but still would rather not consort with her. She has accepted this and has become shy around those that she does not know creating a shell to keep others and their hurtful words out. She can be drawn out of this shell and her young vibrant side bubbles over whenever she thinks she finds anyone that may be a friend. More often than not this backfires though and they find her chatter tiresome. When she realizes this has happened she returns to her somewhat forlorn state caused by her social ineptitude.

Tresselblade approached the group to ask if any of them would be willing to train in martial combat after seeing how successful they have been in dealing with the problems plaguing Ravengro. Dragos agreed and the two have seemed to form a friendly relationship though people have begun gossiping that this is perhaps becoming more than a friendly relationship.


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