Tag: Ravengro Merchants


  • Zokar Elkarid

    Zokar Elkarid runs and owns the [[Laughin Demon Tavern, The | Laughing Demon]] tavern in the town of Ravengro in the Canterwall county of the nation of Ustalav. Elkarid faces life with laughter and tries to instil a fun atmosphere in his tavern by …

  • Marta Avanaki

    Marta Avanaki runs the [[General Store- Ravengro | Ravengro General Store]], with her husband Luthko and their five daughters. Marta inherited from her mother a suit of masterwork full plate armour, which guards the shop.

  • Luthko Avanaki

    Luthko and [[:marta-avanaki | Marta Avanaki]] run the Ravengro General store with their five girls. While the store caters to local needs, the Avanakis keep in stock most of the dventuring gear, tools, and skill kits. They do possess a very nice suit of …

  • Jominda Fallenbridge

    Jominda leaves in Ravengro and owns [[Jominda's Apothecary | Jominda's apothecary]]. She is an adequate herbalist for a small village. Jominda at times grows bored of the small village life and can take to gossiping. The [[:benjan-caeller | sherrif]] has …