Handouts and Items



Estovian Lazorov’s Spellbook
Apprentices Spell Book
From Foxglove Manor, Traver Foxglove’s Study

20 Days in Ardeal – by Jon Claire (724) – 18 hours of reading
20 Days in Nova Vaasa – by Jon Claire (735) – 16 hours of reading
20 Days in Darkon – by Jon Claire (735) – 12 hours of reading
20 Days in Graben – by Jon Claire (729) – 14 hours or reading
20 Days in Liffe – by Jon Claire II (750) – 18 hours reading
100 Days in the Amber Wastes – by Jon Claire II (740) – 26 hours of reading
100 Days of Adventure and Exploration – by Jon Claire II (751) – 25 hours of reading
Matreus’ Lost Expedition to Vechor – details the ill-fated trip by Matreus of Tamrivena to Vechor. With interviews of the only survivor to return. – 12 hours
A Navigator’s Guide to Math – 12 hours of reading
Flora and Fauna of the Southern Verduous Lands – Details – 6 hours of reading
Masks – A Journal of One Woman’s Journey Down the Rabbit Hole of Decadence and Eroticism in Richemulot. – 10 hours of reading
The Art Of The Hunt – A journey of a hunt in the Shudderwood. – 6 hours of reading
A Guide To Etiquette In Lepidstadt – 6 hours of reading
Altering the Maze A book on self–empowerment and bureaucratic navigation when starting a business. – 10 hours of reading

Bohater Dziecka Axe
Canopic Stone
Dusk Moth
Midnight Mirror
Reaper’s Mask
Seasage Effigy
Spectral Lamp
Tallow Effigy
Throwdown in Swynetown
Moribund Key
Fairy Ring of Favor

Handouts and Items

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