Second Book of Ezra


The Second Book of Ezra is the second of The Books of Ezra. The work is a sacred text of the Church of Ezra and the founding scripture of the Mordentish Sect. It begins with Ezra’s account of creation and proceeds to relate her message to the inhabitants of the Land of Mists. Ther message is intended even for the Legions of the Night whose redemption she seeks. The Second Book of Ezra was authored by Felix Wachter in 699 BC in Barovian and subsequently was translated into Mordentish, and later also into Darkonian and Vaasi, at the very least.

Spoke Ezra, “Such is the role I have chosen in the grand scheme. Such is what I must I do.” And with those words did Ezra become our guardian in the Mists.

From her place in the Mists of Death, Ezra looked down upon the mortals of the world, and she extended her hand to fill the hollow. But the Mists would not part. Again a voice came from the Mist, saying, “foolish one, you still know nothing of the grand scheme. The hollow belongs to the Mist alone. It is their creation. You shall not spoil what they have wrought.” Ezra spoke, saying, “the Mist have wrought nothing but sorrow. It is my role to succor the suffering of my people. What is to become of my place in the grand scheme if the Mist cannot bid me act? what shall become of the pure of heart, if they have no guardian in the Mist?” Answered the voice, “You may have those who choose to have you, and those only. If they be pure of heart, then so shall it be.” Ezra spoke again, asking, “And what of the legions of the night? What of the drinker of blood, and the stealer of breath, and the beast that rends? What of the horrors who would steal the pure of heart and add them to their legions?” The voice replied, “The legions of the night belong to the Mist, not to you. Should mortals join the legions of the night, then that is the role they have chosen in the grand scheme. They were never among your pure of heart.” Ezra accepted this, saying, “So shall it be. But if the legions of the night can be brought out of the darkness, then that is the role they have chosen in the grand scheme, and they shall stand in your legions no more.”

The Mists of Death were silent.

Ezra then gathered up the pure of heart, naming them her anchorites. It would be their role in the grand scheme to guide the legions of the night back into the light. As Ezra shall give succor to her anchorites, her anchorites shall give succor to the faithful. The faithful shall spread Ezra’s love to all the world, pushing back the darkness. When the legions of the night stand empty, the hollow shall be filled. Such is the grand scheme.

The Books of Ezra, II, xx.–xxxi.

Second Book of Ezra

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