Ascanor Lodge

Ascanor Lodge is a private hunting compound for wealthy individuals located in the Shudderwood of the Ustalavic province of Lozeri.

Deep within the heart of the notorious Lozeri forest known as the Shudderwood, a large and decadently appointed manor can be found named Ascanor Lodge, nestled closeby to the Calscroix River. The lodge, now used by Ustalav’s elite as a hunting retreat, was once a private hunting lodge owned by Lozeri’s deposed count Beauturne. The Palatine Council of Lozeri appropriated the estate when Beauturne fled the county and opened it year round
to paying guests.

Attracting wealthy hunters from across the country and beyond, the Ascanor Lodge advertises itself as an island of luxury in Ustalav’s final wilderness, where elite sportsmen can hunt the land’s deadliest and most abundant beasts without sacrificing the comforts of a country retreat. A palatial compound, the lodge’s rustic log construction and countless hunting trophies dress the myriad forms of decadence available – sumptious if small apartments, a fine restaurant equal in style and class to those found within the walls of Caliphas, menagerie, gardens, and spas.




Ascanor Lodge

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