The large county of Caliphas is the most southerly of the thirteen modern counties of Ustalav and is one of the counties in the Soivoda region. The vast majority of its borders are natural: Avalon Bay provides the south-eastern edge; the Path River marks the edge before the misty moors of the south; the Carabosse River and Lake Raiteso provide most of the border with the county of Amaans to the north-west; this border is completed by an agreed demarcation line through the Hungry Mountains to the north; and, finally, the Danver River marks the eastern border of Caliphas with its neighboring county of Versex.

The city of Caliphas

The heart of county Caliphas has always been the city that bears its name, the city of Caliphas; some even say the city of Caliphas is the very soul of Ustalav. Recently, in 724, Caliphas ascended to become the nation’s capital city demoting Ardis to being a provincial backwater.


Caliphas county

The county of Caliphas still maintains much of its rustic heritage being home to agriculture and numerous peat farms. The county is home to many small communities most of which nestle near the Droa or Raiteso rivers. As well as traditional rural industries, Caliphas is also the home of many vineyards, perfumeries and alabaster quarries which specialize in providing luxury goods to the rich of the capital city.



Ustalav hosts a large naval force within Castle Golbanze to stage patrols across Avalon Bay. Led by Admiral Marris Riddian, the navy protects Ustalav’s coast from pirates, aquatic monsters, and seafaring navies. Several of the most famed and infamous ships and captains include Captain Almira “Cardinal” Perine’s Devilfish, Captain Liald Gaspair’s Princess Maraet, and Captain Leos Tailor’s Indomitable.


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