The Furrows is the name now given to the vast Ustalavic wasteland that was once the potentially rich countryside known as Furcina, or the Furcina Plain, blasted and poisoned by the forces of Barstoi in 740.



Furcina, or the Furcina Plain, was the most eastern part of the county of Ardeal and part of the larger area of Dragosvet Plains. The area was fallow but had the potential to be productive farmland.

War Without Rivals

In 734, squabbles between Ardeal and Barstoi over the Dragosvet Plains turned serious when Count Aericnein Neska of Barstoi accused his opposite number in Ardeal, Count Olomon Venacdahlia, of wantonly wasting the potential of the Furcina region. Neska then invaded Ardeal to seize Furcina and so started the civil war known as the War Without Rivals.

In 736, Venacdahlia gathered an army to reclaim Furcina. Their counter-attack was met with stiff opposition from Neska’s troops who dug miles of fortified trenches and were able to stubbornly maintain their positions against the larger army of Ardelians and conscripts from Varno. Thus started four years of seemingly interminable, grinding warfare: hundreds of lives would be lost for the gain of a paltry few yards.

By 740, Neska was forced to admit defeat and withdraw his troops and grant Furcina back to Ardeal. However: Neska issued orders for the retreating troops to burn and salt the villages, fields and forests of Furcina. This despoiling of hundreds of square miles of land left nothing but a haunted wasteland which, from that point, became known as the Furrows.

The Furrows

Today, the Furrows is little changed since Neska’s destructive retreat: the land is still disfigured by the many trenches, the burning from fire and the despoiling by Neska’s men. This gives the land a coating of ash and cinders which can be picked up by the wind forming dust storms. Essentially, the whole land is dead and poisoned. Furthermore, the battlefields are haunted by the ghosts of the soldiers killed in the war and much worse (see Inhabitants below).

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