Main Characters

  • Dragos Van Caver — Inquisitor of the Church of Ezra. A male dhampyr. Originally from Borca. Killed fighting the ala hag at the Witch’s Teat Inn, but later resurrected by the Church of Pharasma in Lepidstadt.
  • Gregore — Initiate of the Church of Ezra. A male half-Vistani/giomorgo. Originally from Borca.
  • Katarzyna Lis — Student from the University of Lepidstadt. A Banshee Caliban disguised as a female human. Originally from the vicinity of Karcau, Ustalav.
  • Abner Freeman — A “cook” from northern Ustalav. A male human.
  • Kendra Lorrimor — Daughter of Professor Petros Lorrimor and sole heir of his estate. A female human. Once attended the University of Lepidstadt with Katarzyna Lis. Originally from Ravengro, Ustalav.
  • Grewin Bruinkin — A male gnome from somewhere outside of Ustalav. He has spent time in the Margreve. He has amnesia, and doesn’t recall his early life before he arrived in Ustalav.
  • Jean-Baptiste Harrow — A human investigator from Courtaud originally from Morcei, attended the University of Leipidstadt, a one time associate of Prof. Lorrimor.

Supporting Characters

Ravengro, Ustalav

Ravengro Town Council

Ravengro Sherriff’s Department

  • Benjan Caeller — Sherriff, a male human. Deceased.
  • Riff — Deputy, a female halfling. Missing.
  • Vrodish — Deputy, a male human.
  • Tresselblade — Deputy, a female half-elf.
  • Leromar Horgan — Deceased. Former Deputy, executed in May of 758 for the murder of his brother, Kasomar Horgan.

Temple of Pharasma/Restlands Cemetery

Ravengro Merchants and Their Families

Other Citizens of Ravengro

  • Gibs Hephenus — A male human. He is hostile toward many of the town’s residents.
  • Kasomar Horgan — Deceased. A male human. He was murdered in the late 740s by his brother, Leromar Horgan.
  • Old River — The town dog, at one time he was owned by Kasomar Horgan, and was instrumental in bringing Kasomar’s killer to justice.
  • Professor Petros Lorrimor — Deceased. A male human. An academic and adventurer, killed at Harrowstone Prison in March of 758.
  • Farmer Lument — A male human. One of the animals killed by the agent of the Splatter Man was found on the Lument Farm.
  • Old Thomas — A male human. A neighbor of Gibs Hephenus, one of the animals killed by the agent of the Splatter Man was found on the Thomas farm.
  • Marguerite Thomas — Wife of Old Thomas.
  • Lydia Thomas — Daughter of Old Thomas and Marguerite, away at the University of Lepidstadt
  • Robért Thomas — Son of Old Thomas and Marguerite.
  • Farmer Garrick — A male human. A farmer who lives on the outskirts of Ravengro, whose daughter, Maria, committed suicide (apparently) after having a nightmare about the Splatter Man
  • Maria Garrick — A female human. Deceased daughter of Farmer Garrick, death related to the Splatter Man
  • Victor — A male human. Caretaker for Illindri.
  • Rorran — A male human. A farmer near the Prison.
  • Stayssa — A female human. Farmer Rorran’s wife.
  • Beatrycze — A female human. A schoolteacher at the school in Ravengro.

Visitors and Transient Characters

Harrowstone Prison and Environs


  • Mikayus — relative of Anya Boroi
  • Ilquis — Fairy causing disturbances in Karpad
  • Lucien Groy — Constable of Karpad, deceased
  • Baron Stepan Boroi — Baron of Karpad, deceased
  • Anya Boroi — Wife of Baron Stepan Boroi
  • Ebjinnia Boroi — ghost of Baron Boroi’s aunt
  • Sorin Boroi — Half-Caliban son of Henric Boroi and claimant to the Barony of Karpad
  • Minnar — Shae from the mirror realm
  • Adamin — Shae from the mirror realm
  • Nicosor — Shae from the mirror realm, deceased
  • Corys — Shae from the mirror realm, deceased
  • Laurenzio — Butler of Boroi Manor, deceased
  • Cedres — Leader of the pig farmers in the Karpad environs
  • Walkgren Thornstag — woodland dwelling acquaintance of Grewin Bruinkin
  • Gavril — Caliban hound master of Boroi Manor
  • Vachlan — Priest of Zon Kuthon
  • Radu Miklos — Priest of Zon Kuthon
  • Fewsdra — Caretaker at Karpad Cemetery
  • Leandra — Visitor from Courtaud, who tries to kill Dragos.


  • Czerwonya — Local girl
  • Grandma Babuschka — Local witch/herbalist

Courtaud/Foxglove Manor

  • Inspector Farren of Lozeri — Friend and mentor of Jean-Baptiste Harrow. Killed in Feldgrau by the Whispering Way, buried in the cemetery there.
  • Greyst Sevilla — inmate at the Saintly Haven of Respite, a sanitarium
  • Maester Grump — person of interest in investigation at Courtaud
  • Marshall — a local marshall
  • Iesha Foxglove — Deceased wife of Aldern Foxglove/vengeful ghost/revenant
  • Traver Foxglove — Father of Aldern Foxglove
  • Cyralie Foxglove — Mother of Aldern Foxglove
  • Zeeva Foxglove — Sister of Aldern Foxglove
  • Sendeli Foxglove — Sister of Aldern Foxglove
  • Vorel Foxglove — Previous lord of Foxglove Manor
  • Kasanda Foxglove — Wife of Vorel Foxglove
  • Lorey Foxglove — Daughter of Vorel and Kasanda Foxglove


  • Ambrose Khard — Chief Justice of Lepidstadt
  • Gustav Kaple
  • Embreth Daramid — Judge in Lepidstadt
  • Kasp Aldaar — Judge in Lepidstadt
  • Radu Velocic —Noble in Lepdistadt
  • Liza — Noblewoman, acquaintance of Kendra and Katarzyna

University of Lepidstadt, Lepidstadt, Ustalav

  • Dr. Montaigne Crowl — Professor of Antiquities at Lepidstadt University
  • Dean Acciani Viacarri — Headmaster in Residence
  • Dr. Leis Richleau — School of Medicine Headmaster

Ascanor Lodge/Shudderwood



  • Corvin Tergsvor — Guest at Ascanor Lodge
  • Duristan Silvio Ariesir — Guest at Ascanor Lodge, of House Aerisir
  • Etchmoor Draven — Scion of the House of Draven, killed on his way to see Cilas Graydon at Ascanor Lodge
  • Cilas Graydon/The Margrave — Guest at Ascanor Lodge, killed by the Whispering Way
  • Crilaum — Guest at Ascanor Lodge. Thought to be a werewolf.
  • Mirta Straelock — From Ravengro, known to Katarzyna Lis and Gregore, in the company of Crilaum
  • Markiza Welgory — Guest at Ascanor Lodge
  • Ostovach — Markiza Welgory’s hunting companion at Ascanor Lodge. Left with Katarzyna Lis for Feldgrau, where he was killed in the battle with Aurren Vrood
  • Madame Ivanja — Mystic and guest at Ascanor Lodge
  • Niama — Sri Raji dancer in the employ of Madame Ivanja


  • Kevalka Seyn — Pack Leader for the wolves of the Shudderwood, killed in the Shudderwood by the Whispering Way. Her heart was stolen after she was killed to be used in a ritual by Aurren Vrood
  • Mathus Mordrinacht — Pack Leader of the Silverhides, killed by Grewin Bruinkin at the Stairs of the Moon
  • Cybrisa Dorzhanev — Pack Leader of the Broken Ones, killed by Katarzyna Lis at the Stairs of the Moon
  • Adimarus Ionacu — Pack Leader of the Jezeldans/Demon Wolves. Killed in Feldgrau.
  • Rhakis Szadro — Pack Leader of the Prince’s Wolves. Accompanied Jean-Baptiste Harrow and his group to Feldgrau, where he helped defeat Auren Vrood’s forces and reclaimed part of the heart of Kevalka Seyn.
  • Nikolai — Member of the pack of Prince’s Wolves under Rhakis Szadro
  • Radu — Member of the pack of Prince’s Wolves under Rhakis Szadro
  • Viasaslav — Member of the pack of Prince’s Wolves under Rhakis Szadro
  • Jan — Member of the pack of Prince’s Wolves under Rhakis Szadro
  • Tabetha — Member of the pack of Prince’s Wolves under Rhakis Szadro
  • Emiliana — Member of the pack of Prince’s Wolves under Rhakis Szadro

The Whispering Way

  • Auren Vrood — Leader of the Whispering Way forces at Feldgrau. Defeated and killed
  • Xanesha — Dominus of Isfet, killed in Lepidstadt
  • Ironbriar — Justice of Lepidstadt, discredited
  • Aldern Foxglove

Carrion Hill





Backstory Characters

  • Erik Van Caver — Father of Dragos Van Caver, deceased.
  • Lasvia Van Caver — Mother of Dragos Van Caver, deceased.
  • The Count — Villainous lord who waylaid and captured Erik and Lasvia Van Caver and their retinue.
  • Encario —Anchorite of Ezra from Borca, mentor of Dragos Van Caver
  • Ludzifyr Lis — Adoptive father of Katarzyna Lis. Died February 753.
  • Yrzsala — Fugitive from Ustalav, presumably, about whom little is known. Mother of Katarzyna Lis. Died March 742.
  • Janusz Kel — Master of documents and tomes at the University of Lepidstadt. Died January 757.
  • Jean Pierre Baptiste — Father of Jean Baptiste. Died while capturing serial killer known as the Lopper 708
  • Mary Harrow-Baptiste — Mother of Jean Baptiste. Deceased 709
  • Raquelle Baptiste — Sister of Jean Baptiste. Disappeared 704
  • Ferrin — Mentor of Jean Baptiste.


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