Skinsaw Clues

The following murders were committed by Aldern Foxglove who had accidentally poisoned himself ghoul fever but it was his acts of betrayal and obsession with his wife that changed him into a Ghast. Before his undeath though he had become mentally enslaved to the lamia Xanesha who had him commit the murders to further a Whispering Way plot.

Sawmill Murders

  • Victim #1- Banny Harker
    • He appears to have been murdered then carved and hung up on the walls by tools from the mill.
    • Lower Jaw cut off with a very sharp bladed weapon of some sort.
    • Man sized scratch marks found on the body.
    • Strange Rune found on his chest.
    • Note attached to victim with splinter of penned in blood. It said “Dearest Katarzyna, You will learn to love me, desire me in time as she did. Give yourself to the pack and it shall all end.”
  • Victim #2- Katrine Vinder
    • Died by landing on the running log splitter.
    • no other outward signs of damage or defacing of the body (no rune or scratch marks like victim #1)
    • Tongue was removedBloody_Hatchet.jpg
    • Axe found just beyond her feet. It looked to have been dropped to the floor.
      • Bits of bones and rotten flesh with an extreme gangrenous smell present on the blade.
      • No axe marks were found on victim #1 assumption is that Katrine fought their attacker and wounded them.
      • It was felt that the flesh was from a corporeal undead.
  • Scene at the sawmill
    • Clear signs of a struggle occurred at the mill
    • Entrance was gained via second story window then tracks lead downstairs.
    • The machinery when turned on is quite loud.
  • Scene in surrounding area
    • Foot prints seem to lead from the wooden pier up to the side of the sawmill where there are signs of someone climbing up the side to a second story window.
    • In the shallow marshy portion of the river is a small island. On it they find signs of someone barefoot moving about in an area that affords both a great view and is hidden from those in looking at the river.
    • All foot prints all begin and end in the river.
  • Comments from locals to the sawmill
    • Harker and Thorn often ran the sawmill late into to the night much to chagrin of the locals.
    • The night of the murders the mill ran all night.

Witnesses/ Suspects

  • Ibor Thorn- Partner of Banny Harkeribor_thorn_by_akeiron-d59tmpm.jpg
    • Initially seemed in shock but was more responsive once gently talked to.
    • Says he found the bodies about 6 am. Machinery still running. He turned off machinery.
    • had blood splatters on himself. Said that was from trying to move the bodies before he realized it was hopeless to do so.
    • Said that Mr. Harker was embezzling coin from the mill owners the Scarnettis.
    • He believes that if Titus Scarnetti knew of the embezzling then Ibor believes Titus would be capable of doing something like this. There are rumors that the Scarnettis have burned down several competing lumber interests in the region.
    • released


  • Ven Vinder- Father of Katrine Vinder
    • was to have acted violently when being informed of his daughters death and had to be restrained and eventually detained.
    • When questioned seemed mostly non responsive and smoldering with anger.
    • Did not have much to say.
    • released

Sawmill Assumptions/Conclusions

  • Either while killing or just after killing Mr. Harker Katrine entered and upon viewing the scene attacked the assailant with an axe and died as a result. She was not an intended victim but rather circumstance.
  • The perpetrator entered and left via the river.
  • Ven Vinder and Ibor Thorn are not guilty of committing the murders.
  • The murderer is a corporeal undead, and may be controlled by a necromancer or a ghoul of some kind.
  • The perpetrator is either trying to involve the group in the public eye to mislead or is in “love” with Katarzyna
  • Katarzyna had smelled a similar scent of undeath at the Courtaud Playhouse.
  • Jean-Baptiste and Gregore believe that the tongues were removed from the corpses to prevent a Speak With Dead spell being used to learn more about the murderer.

Non- Site Specific Investigations

  • Mademoiselle Du Mortue, Courtaud Playhouse
    • Was not able to gain entrance
    • Amelia had detected a scent of undeath near the water’s edge on the island of Courtaud Playhouse. There was no scent adjacent to the building.

Barn Murders

The Inspector revealed that the murders were found by a patrol of guards who were assaulted by an insane man with fevered flesh and a frothing mouth along Cougar Creek. This man, Grayst Sevilla, was a local Giomorgo thug who was given over to the care of Erin Habe, the caretaker of an independent sanatorium located on an island in the center of town..

Victims were found murdered in a barn. While the bodies were too disfigured to be identified as was the case with Mr. Harker. A note attached to Lener Hask (Victim #2) identified the three men as below.

  • Victim #1- Tarch Mortwell
    • Con Man and Swindler.
    • Rune found on chest of the same design as Banny Harker.
    • Jaw Removed.
    • Did not personally review scene this was done by Inspector Farren.

*Victim #2- Lener Hask

  • Con Man and Swindler.
  • Rune found on chest of the same design as Banny Harker.
  • Jaw Removed.
  • Did not personally review scene this was done by Inspector Farren.
  • Note found pinned to body by a bale hook. The note had blood spatter on it.Note_2.jpg
    • Note- “Messrs. Mortwell, Hask, and Tabe: a deal has come about that I need capital for. It involves property and gold, and tough I am not at liberty to tell you the exact details, it will make us all rich. Come to Bradley’s Barn on Cougar Creek tonight. We can meet there to discuss our futures………..Your Lordship”
  • Victim #3- Gedwin Trabe
    • Con Man and Swindler.
    • Rune found on chest of the same design as Banny Harker.
    • Jaw Removed.
    • Did not personally review scene this was done by Inspector Farren.
  • Witness- Grayst Sevilla
    • The witness was found nearly dead sitting in the corner of his room at the sanatorium in a straight jacket rambling to himself.
      • Grayst was saying something about “too many teeth” and The Skinsaw Man is coming" Grayst.jpg
      • Upon Katarzyna entering the roonm and Grayst seeing her he said (repeated lines removed)- “He said you would visit me. His Lordship. The one that unmade me said so. He has a place for you. A precious place. I’m so jealous. He has message for you. He made me remember it. I hope I haven’t forgotten. The master wouldn’t approve if I forgot. Let….me….see…..He said that if you came to his misgivings, that if you joined his pack, he would end his harvest in your honor.”
    • Grayst passed out at that point only to awaken and attack the group with great fervor. The group was able to take him down quickly.

Barn Assumptions/ Conclusions

  • The misgivings refers to a run down and abandoned estate formerly and formally known as Foxglove Manor located north of Courtaud along the Moutray River.

If I got your assumptions wrong or you have additional ones please modify as you see fit.

Skinsaw Clues

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