Vieland is a small county on the north-western tip of Ustalav that is most renowned for the strange, incredibly ancient stone monoliths that have dotted the land for far longer than anyone can remember. Vieland is one of the counties know as the Palatinates, a group of three counties that are not ruled by their hereditary nobles.


The county of Vieland is in a precarious position: in the west of the county lie the Tusk Mountains, acting as the border between Ustalav and the Caliban-infested Hold of Bel Zen; to the north lies the demon-blasted Worldwound. Its only safe border is to the south-east where the fellow Palatine county of Lozeri lies across the Lesser Moutray River.

History & Government

The first of the Ustalavic counties to overthrow autocratic rule was Lozeri, in 714, in a relatively non-violent coup. The ruler of all Ustalav at that time, Prince Valislav Ordranti, was disinterested by this political manoeuvre and quickly recognized the new arrangement in Lozeri. Shortly thereafter, the two counties of Vieland and Tamrivena followed suit—the latter county re-established itself and changed its name to Canterwall. These three counties became known as the Palatinates.

Unlike in the other Palatinates, the Count of Vieland willingly stepped down: in 717, Count Caromarc sensed change was in the air and decided to abdicate his position. To this day his still lives in Vieland in a manor north of the Dippelmere Swamp: Schloss Caromarc.


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