Lanterns in the Mist

Crimes and Punishments

Illindri's fate is decided by the Council; the group heads to Harrowstone Prison.

Monday, May 5, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

After everyone discusses the matter with Grimburrow, Rufio accompanies the group to the town square to assist with healing the locals. There is hue and cry by the townspeople to exact swift vigilante justice against Illindri, but Dragos and Gregore manage to talk them down. Kendra and Gregore take Illindri back to the Lorrimor Estate, and Gregore tries to hypnotize Illindri to bring her back to sanity.

Concilman Gharen Muricar sends a letter expressing a desire to keep the secrets of his forebears, and gives them a crate to “enjoy”. There are 6 bottles of wine in the crate. They are quite valuable, exquisite even.

Sheriff Benjan Caeller talks with Dragos, thanking him/them for their help in town. Dragos helps Abner load the bodies of the undead into a cart to take them away from the Lorrimor Estate.

Katarzyna talks with Mirta Straelock. Mirta wants Katarzyna to talk with the school children about the events of the day.

At around 6pm, Luthko and Marta Avanaki and their kids bring a pie to Lorrimor Estate for the group to enjoy, in thanks for saving them from the undead grandparents. Kendra brings drinks out on the porch. Gregore brings Illindri out on the porch, causing a bit of a stir. Gregore implores Kendra to give aid to Illindri to restore her sanity. Kendra reluctantly agrees. Weathermay Foxglove is mentioned by Kendra.

Sheriff Benjan Caeller requests the presence of the group, they all agree to attend in a half-hour’s time. Now wary of any and all threats, Gregore dons his armor, and they make their way toward the Town Hall. There are townsfolk milling about, and much muttering among them. Gregore takes Grimburrow aside to discuss Illindri’s treatment. Grimburrow agrees to allow Gregore to treat Illindri if he takes an oath, which Gregore agrees to without reservation. Katarzyna approaches Gharen Muricar, and tries to gauge his attitude toward Illindri, but succeeds only in gauging his attitude toward her body. Dragos approaches Sheriff Benjan Caeller, and also speaks with the truculent halfling Riff. Abner is talking to Jominda Fallenbridge, and the two engage in some light flirting. Katarzyna steers Gharen Muricar over to where Abner and Jominda are. Katarzyna and Jominda then go outside, leaving Abner with Councilman Muricar, where the two girls talk about wizarding and alchemy, and Katarzyna tries to create a connection with Jominda. Dragos notices that Benjan appears to be watching Jominda. He also notices that Riff is annoyed by Benjan’s attention toward Jominda. He notices that Deputy Vrodish has a small teddy bear stuffed in his belt. It looks like the bear is worn in spots.

Councilwoman Mirta Straelock is talking with Luthko and Marta Avanaki. Gregore approaches Mirta Straelock. He tells Mirta that he and Grimburrow are planning to help Illindri regain her senses. Mirta invites Gregore to come to the school and speak to the children, as Katarzyna had already agreed to do.

Katarzyna asks Jominda about Councilwoman Shanda Faravan, whom none of the group had met. Jominda tells her about the scandal of Faravan’s time as a Royal Accuser. She also mentions that Faravan feels that Councilman Hearthmount has a reputation for being political and cowardly. Faravan does not like Hearthmount because of his craven, ingratiating nature. Jominda also notes Faravan’s high sense of morality and ethics, and her rather harsh view of justice sometimes.

Councilman Gharen Muricar is clearly focused on Katarzyna and Jominda. He talks with Abner a bit, but neither man is interested in speaking with the other. Gregore approaches and talks with Councilman Muricar, allowing Abner to slip away. Gregore tries to get Muricar on board with his plan to save Illindri. Muricar agrees to help, and invites them over to dinner. Gregore also swears an oath to Ezra to keep Muricar’s secret.

Councilwoman Shanda Faravan is talking to the pawnbrokers. Katarzyna approaches the Councilwoman and tries to influence her toward helping save Illindri from vigilante justice. Katarzyna uses the information she gleaned from Jominda to influence Faravan, and it seems to work.

Dragos speaks with Deputy Vrodish about the Councilors. He gives Dragos his views of Hearthmount, Muricar, Straelock and Faravan. They are pretty much in line with other people’s observations about them.

Vashian Hearthmount calls for order, and begins the meeting. He calls to those assembled to speak. A man from town stands up and begins speaking. He tells them that his brother was killed by the undead. He tells them that he doesn’t have a lot of family left, and says that they need to hang Illindri.

The Sheriff speaks on behalf of “the law” in town. He is worried that if she stays, something can still happen. He also seems in favor of punishing Illindri for the events of the day.

Gregore speaks to the crowd on behalf of the girl. Others in town speak, including Dragos, Sheriff Benjan, Father Grimburrow and Katarzyna. The Sheriff is still convinced that Ilindri represents a threat to the town, despite the assurances of Gregore and Father Grimburrow.

Councilman Hearthstone addresses the assembly after a brief recess. Each Council member will vote. In the case of a deadlock, they will allow Sheriff Benjan Caeller and Father Grimburrow to vote. In the case of another dealock, a local man named Lument gets a vote.

Councilwoman Mirta Straelock votes to remand the girl to the care of the Father Grimburrow. Councilman Vashian Hearthmount votes to hang Illindri immediately. He also disparages Katarzyna in his speech. Councilman Gharen Muricar votes to remand the girl over to Gregore and Grimburrow, as he had agreed. Councilwoman Shanda Faravan is the last to vote, and gives a stirring speech, but ultimately votes to remand Illindri over to Gregore and Grimburrow, but only if they agree to discuss the girl’s treatment with the Council on a weekly basis. Gregore gives his oath to acquiesce to her demands.

Zokar Elkarid tells the gathered crowd that there will be half-price drinks that night at The Laughing Demon. It is the high point of the night for many. Kendra, Abner and Katarzyna go to The Laughing Demon. Katarzyna approaches Sheriff Benjan, and tries to smooth over the situation, since they had found themselves on opposite sides of the Illindri decision. He doesn’t seem to bear the group ill will, even though he is disappointed with the Council’s decision. Katarzyna overindulges over the course of the next couple of hours.

Dragos and Gregore escort Illindri back to the Lorrimor Estate. There is a sound of a loose shutter, and Gregore goes to secure the loose shutter before looking for the tome of hypnosis in the Professor’s library.

Deputy Leromar Horgan, an athletic and rather boorish chap, chats up Katarzyna. During the would-be flirtation, stirges fly into the bar, lured by the music, and try to attack Katarzyna when she takes note of them. Everyone attacks the stirges, and they are killed before they can reach Katarzyna. Deputy Leromar goes to escort Katarzyna “home”, but he actually tries to take her to his house. Kendra and Dragos stop him from doing that, and Kendra walks the rather drunk Katarzyna home.

Kendra tells Gregore about what happened with the stirges. She also finds the book for Gregore. Katarzyna goes to bed, Illindri falls asleep too, and Gregore puts her to bed.

Dragos and Abner remain at the Laughing Demon, and question the bard. They don’t seem to find anything untoward about the man, and decide to leave. Dragos hears a short scream in the distance, and unable to discern the direction of the scream, he and Abner go back to the Lorrimor Estate. They enlist Gregore to help them do a circuit of the town and see if they can find the source of the scream. They don’t find anything.

Tuesday, May 6, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

Katarzyna drinks Abner’s elixir, and feels AMAZING. Abner cooks breakfast.

Dragos strides toward town, and runs into Sheriff Benjan Caeller. He says they’ve got “another one”, and that he’ll meet Dragos at the memorial. There is another bloody defacement, this time with V and E scrawled on the monument in blood.

Gregore scouts the area, finds tracks, and heads out with Benjan. Dragos and Katarzyna go with Gregore and Benjan.

They find a dead yearling sheep at the Lument farm. Lument comes over and is upset that his sheep is dead. They talk to Lument. Gregore finds tracks all over, and traces them to a ford at the river.

The go back to the memorial. Gregore checks the names on the memorial to see if any of them have the initials “V. E.”. Levar Hawkrun was the warden of the prison. Vesorianna Hawkrun was the warden’s wife. The working hypothesis is that the letters refer to Vesorianna Hawkrun.

They go to the Temple of Pharasma and talk to Father Grimburrow. Gregore tells him about the cache of materials that Professor Lorrimor had sought. Grimburrow gives them permission to search for the false crypt. After an hour or two, they find what looks like the crypt they’re looking for. The lock appears to be damaged by acid. Abner breaks the lock, and they open the crypt door.

They go down a flight of stone steps, and see that the crypt is indeed devoid of bodies. There are obvious tracks in the dirt on the floor. They continue on, wary now and primed for combat. They come into a room that is set with large stone doors and large statues of Pharasma. They find several urns, one is wax-sealed. They continue down the steps.False_Crypt.jpg

Gregore hears a slam behind them, and sends Dragos to investigate. Dragos is attacked, and they hear a skittering sound. Abner joins the fray, followed by Gregore. There are two giant centipedes attacking the party. They make quick work of them.

They continue down into the false crypt. There is a large urn in the corner, which Gregore carefully moves and inspects. There are other smaller urns and empty niches. They look at the sarcophagus on the dais. Abner tells them that it has been opened before. There is a mechanism that allows the sarcophagus lid to pivot up. Inside the sarcophagus, they find:

12 silver arrows
4 sunrods
6 flasks of holy water
5 greenwood arrows
5 greenwood arrows with white fletchings (for ghosts)
2 greenwood arrows with grey fletchings (bane of undead)
5 small vials of light blue liquid, potions with minor curative energy
2 vials of effervescent liquid, greyish in color. These are restorative potions, lesser, for when one is attacked by undead.
4 scrolls— Protection From Evil, Hide From Undead (two), and Detect Undead
1 thin darkwood case decorated with an image of a scarab with a single eye upon its back. Inside the case is a very dark red velvet lining, and it contains a brass planchette and a spirit board. There are also four vials containing churning vapor. There are six indentations in the case, four with the vials, two that are empty.

They leave the crypt. They are told that the false crypt is actually the oldest crypt in the cemetery, that it was built for the original priests of the Temple of Pharasma when the temple was first built and consecrated. They return to the temple and wait for Grimburrow to finish speaking with a grieving person, and they all go inside. Grimburrow looks at the items they collected, and zeroes in on the darkwood case. He tells them that the strange glass vials with gas are designed to fight the restless dead. You twist the vial open as a haunt manifests, it will unleash holy energy upon the haunt. The mist inside the Haunt Syphon will glow green if it is successfully used, otherwise the item is wasted. Grimburrow picks up the planchette, and says that it is an item one might find at a curiosity shop, but the magical variety allows one to speak to the dead. He tells them how to use the Spirit Board and planchette. The brass version is the weakest of the planchettes. They part ways with Grimburrow.

They leave the temple and return to the estate. Katarzyna compares the scarab on the darkwood case to the scarab on the strange book from Professor Lorrimor’s cache of books. The two are identical.

They think about using the spirit board. They can’t decide what to ask, so they decide not to use it after all.

Kendra returns home and introduces them all to Victor, an orderly she hired to take care of Illindri. Gregore talks with Victor about Illindri’s treatment.

Kendra tells them that she did some research at the deaths at Harrowstone Prison. There had been five notorious criminals at the prison, and the prisoners had seized control of the Prison, and during the riot, a fire started that consumed the prison. The five notorious criminals at the prison were Father Charlatan, The Lopper, The Mosswater Marauder, The Piper of Illmarsh and The Splatter Man. The names alone make the group consider the nature of the unusual events plaguing the town since their arrival. Kendra states that oftentimes spirits have a weakness.

Gregore and Kendra go to talk to Jorfa, the dwarf blacksmith. He asks her about the notorious criminals housed at Harrowstone Prison. Gregore picks up something to drink at the Laughing Demon for Jorfa. Jorfa remembers Ispin Onyxcudgel, the Mosswater Marauder. Mosswater was a dwarven town in the Hungry Mountains, not far from the town of Carrion Hill. Jorfa lived near Mosswater at one time, which was overrun by monsters from a nearby river. Five years before that, Ispin lived there as a pillar of the community. He killed his unfaithful wife with a hammer, and subsequently went insane. He murdered twenty people while looking for a skull fragment to complete his wife’s reassembled skull. They said he would wait for the “right shaped” person to come along, and then he would murder them.

Kendra becomes melancholy as they return to Lorrimor Estate. She talks of having read a book as a child that she should not have, and how the memory of the book still haunts her. She and Gregore talk about the book that troubled her. Kendra had thrown the book in a well, and the woods nearby became withered and sick afterward. She did research about the book, and she thinks that the phantom allep haunted the book and was able to enter people’s dreams. To destroy the book, they have to immerse it in holy water, and channel positive energy, but to neutralize the phantom, they have to cast Protection From Evil.

They have wine and pork sandwiches for dinner.

Wednesday, May 7, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

The morning passes uneventfully. Breakfast is amazing as usual.

They head toward the well. It’s two miles south of town. There is an old abandoned cottage, and a blight on all the vegetation in the vicinity of the well. There is a twenty-foot clearing at the center of the blight. Kendra and Katarzyna both cast Mage Armor on themselves, and Gregore casts Magic Weapon on his morningstar. Gregore and Dragos approach the well.
The well is a crumbling stone structure. There is a rusty old chain fastened to the side of the well. The well is super dark, the bottom cannot be seen. They raise the bucket, which unsticks from the mud with difficulty. Gregore decides to climb down the well, but falls down and is injured. Abner climbs down and helps him, by removing a bone that impaled Gregore. The bone turns out to be a child’s rib cage bone. Gregore and Abner look for various things in the muck at the bottom of the well, and find parts of a child’s skeleton, a pre-teen, by the looks of the bones. Kendra thinks the skeleton might be that of Remus Avanaki, Luthko and Marta’s oldest son, who had disappeared a year prior. They blamed Alendru Ghoroven, the proprietor of the Unfurling Scroll, an old man who they suspected had molested and killed the boy. There is also a mud-soaked leather pouch down in the well. They also find silver buckles, and the remains of rotted shoes. They send the book back up in the bucket, as well as the child’s remains and the tattered remnants of the child’s shoes. Dragos sends the bucket back down to Gregore and Abner. Abner goes up first. Gregore is pulled up second, with difficulty.

Abner cuts open the pack, and the book falls out. Gregore starts to cast his spell on the book, and a creature roils out of the well, whereupon it attacks Gregore. It is disorienting, and only Gregore and Kendra are unaffected by the creature’s aura of menace. The creature does grievous damage. Gregore is able to cast his spell, and manages to destroy the book. They collect themselves and the remains of the boy, and return to town.

The creature that attacked them was an allip, they later learn. Gregore, Dragos and Katarzyna confer in the cottage about whether the remains of the boy might be imbued with the energy of the allip.

They take the body to town, and stop at Marta and Luthko’s shop. Marta and Luthko and devastated by what they are told. They leave the shop, and escort the remains to the cemetery with the group. Gregore tells Sheriff Benjan about the events of the day. When they arrive at the Temple of Pharasma, they tell Father Grimburrow about the day’s events. They ask Father Grimburrow about using the Spirit Board. Alendru Ghoroven bursts into the church and demands to see them. Rumors had already begun to spread in town about the identity of the remains, and Alendru had come to protest his innocence.

Grimburrow uses Speak With Dead on the corpse of Remus Avanaki. The boy’s spirit exonerates Alendru Ghoroven. Kendra is still upset about the boy’s answers, not really reassured that she is not responsible for the death of the boy. The others try to reassure Kendra.

The Avanakis send another pie to the Lorrimor Estate that evening. It’s a quiet evening, Kendra is quiet, and Abner makes comfort food. Alendru stops by as well, and thanks them for their help. He offers them scrolls for their help. They are to pick them up the following day.

Thursday May 8, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

The night passes, and they all have nightmares. Gregore dreams of being trapped underground, and a ball of flame hitting him. Katarzyna dreams of being strapped to a table and beaten. They’re all moving slowly in the morning. Even Abner is less busy than usual.

Katarzyna, Abner, Kendra and Gregore go visit the Avanaki’s. They are understandably subdued. They give the group a mithril shield, which Dragos takes to use.

Outside in the square, Jominda tells Katarzyna that Luthko and Marta almost split up at one point. She flirts with Gregore.

They research at the Town Hall. They learn that Father Charlatan was Sepec Korvan. Father Charlatan was not a murderer, yet his crimes were so heinous that the church demanded his imprisonment. He impersonated clergymen and provided false miracles and false cures, and had many accomplices who murdered people.

The Splatter Man was originall known as Hean Feramin. Professor Feramin was a sholar of anthropomastics, who associated with a succubus, and became obsessed with names. He would write notes to his victims in blood. This makes the group think of the defacement at the Harrowstone Memorial.

The Piper of Ilmarsh, real name is unknown. Before he snatched his victims, the Piper taunted his victims with music. He dosed his victims with lich dust, and allowed his stirges to feast on their blood.

They can find nothing definitive about the Lopper at the Town Hall, unfortunately.

They eat lunch with the Avanakis. Gregore gives the buckle back to Marta. He had it made into necklace. Katarzyna speaks with the Avanaki children about the gruesome rhyme they had been chanting recently, and they recount the stanzas to her. Katarzyna draws parallels between the stanzas and the five notorious criminals of Harrowstone Prison.

The Lopper: “Put her body on the bed. Take a knife and lop her head"
The Piper of Ilmarsh: “Watch the blood come out the pipe. Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe.”
The Splatter Man: “Drops of red so sparkly bright. Splatters spell her name just right.”
Mosswater Marauder: “With a hammer killed his wife. Now he wants to claim your life.”
Father Charlatan: “Tricksy father tells a lie. Listen close or you will die.”

That evening, Katarzyna goes on a walk with Abner. They run into Leromar, who offers to walk Katarzyna around. Abner returns to the Estate, and Gregore, Dragos and Abner go out to look for Katarzyna. They quickly run into Leromar and Katarzyna, and send Leromar on his way. They all decide to stake out the memorial, to see if someone approaches the monument again. They see someone coming. It appears to be an adult and a child. It turns out to be Leromar and Riff. They also see Gibs while they’re out and about. They stay out at the memorial until around 3. Katarzyna falls asleep, Abner wakes her up and they return to the estate.

Friday May 9, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

This is the day of the funeral service for Remus Avanaki. They are all late to rise. They get up around 10. Gregore wants to stop at Alendru’s shop, so they do. Alendru brings something out for Katarzyna. It is a scroll, of 5 spell level total of 1st to 3rd level. He also talks about a book about the creation of flesh golems. There is a kerfuffle about the book, as Gregore remembers that it is one of Professor Lorrimor’s missing books. Alendru is loathe to part with such a valuable book, even though it is clear to everyone that he knows full well that the book had been purloined from the late Professor by the book merchant—if he hadn’t been the one to snatch it himself, that is.

The service is at 1 p.m. During the service, a skeletal hand reaches up from a grave, and Katarzyna destroys it. The service is spoiled by the incident, but it’s almost become commonplace at this point.

Gregore talks to Jorfa. He tells her to be careful. He’s concerned that the ghost of the Mosswater Marauder might take a special interest in her, as she is a female dwarf. She tells Gregore that the Mosswater Marauder murdered all sorts of people, not just dwarves.

Old River seems to want Katarzyna and Dragos to follow him. They do, and Katarzyna finds the body of a person buried in a clearing, though the aura of the remains seems to affect Dragos. She goads the weakened Dragos to go with her back to the Temple. She can’t find Grimburrow, so she goes back to the Estate, and talks to Gregore. They decide to go back to Restlands, again. Gregore puts his armor on this time. Gregore and Katarzyna notice Abner and Kendra talking, and approach them. They learn that Riff approached Abner to discover if Jominda was dealing in illicit drugs.

They run into Vrodish who is shaking someone on the road. He is panicking, he is looking for “Eddie”. They quickly deduce that Eddie is a teddy bear. Katarzyna is completely flummoxed by Vrodish’s panic over a teddy bear, not really sure what its purpose was.

They have borscht for dinner. They turn in for the night, and the night passes uneventfully enough.

Saturday May 10, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

Tresselblade, the female half-elf deptuy rings the doorbell in the morning. She tells them that the monument has been defaced again. There is “VES” on the monument. Sheriff Benjan says that the Lintz family is missing their dog. Gregore wants to go up to the Temple of Pharasma for holy water.

The group makes their way to town square. Gregore notices a villager, hunched over, leaning against a building. It turns out to be a restless dead! They make quick work of the shambling corpse.

Dragos pushes the cart with the remains of the restless dead up to the Restlands Cemetery. They arrive at the Temple of Pharasma. Father Grimburrow speaks with them. Grimburrow was about to question the bones from the previous day. The bones give the name of the deceased as Kasomar. Grimburrow seems to know the name, but he says nothing. The deceased had died five years prior. He claims he was killed by Leromar. He says “help me rest”. Katarzyna asks Grimburrow about Kasomar, and he tells her that Kasomar Horgan was Deputy Leromar Horgan’s brother, who had inherited their parent’s estate after their passing. If the body spoke true, then Leromar had murdered his brother when Leromar was only 14 years old.

Gregore talks with Benjan, and tells him that Kasomar’s bones accused Deputy Leromar of his murder. Benjan says that they will question the body again the next day, with the Sheriff and Leromar present.

Gregore speaks briefly with Dragos, and then asks Father Grimburrow for holy water. They get 7 flasks.

For the first time, the group makes their way toward Harrowstone Prison. They approach with extreme trepidation. Kendra, Dragos, Gregore, Abner and Katarzyna go to the front gates. Gregore is overcome by a wave of something sinister and malevolent for a moment, but it passes quickly. They go to the manor house first, Gregore exploring the house ahead of the others. He believes the building to be very unstable, and suggests that he and Dragos leave the building. Abner clears some ivy and uncovers a plaque on the building. There is an inscription that says “Hawkrun”, the Warden’s surname. They deduce that this had been the residence of the Warden and his wife.

Gregore decides to approach the front gate of the prison. Katarzyna sees what she thinks is the gargoyle that killed Professor Lorrimor, since its face is missing. It is on the left side of the facade.

They start to walk around the perimeter of the prison. The ivy clinging to the prison is not touching the ground, which draws their eyes to the area near the foundation of the prison. Kendra finds Varisian (Vistani) writing on the wall. She and Gregore transcribe the writing to analyze later. Kendra thinks that the writing is part of a ritual that involves both abjuration and necromancy. They follow the foundation of the prison and transcribe all the glyphs. They pass the waste pit and come to the marshy swamp that abuts the northeast corner of the prison building. Dragos starts climbing into the water at the edge of the building. Two skeletons emerge from the water, and they attack. After dealing with the skeletons, they retrace their steps and approach the front door of the prison. Dragos wants to climb up onto the balcony, but sees that it is in very poor repair, so he thinks better of it.

Gregore pushes open the doors, and the group enters the main hall of the prison. The first room is a foyer, then Gregore approaches the old oaken doors that lead into the prison. There are doors are every wall.


Outside >01 Foyer

01 Foyer
>02 Vestibule Double Door
“Faces” attack Gregore and Abner, cutting off Dragos, Kendra and Katarzyna.
Gregore uses holy water to cleanse the area. The creatures are Haunts, more of a nuisance than an actuall threat, unless they are trapping people in a room with more powerful undead.

02 Vestibule
>03 West Single Door — Administrative offices, Warden’s office
>04 North Double Door — Not yet explored
>05 East Double Door — Auditorium/courtroom complex
>06 East Single Door — Dead ends at a locked door

03 West Door
>03.1 Hallway — 4 doors on North wall. Turns North at end of hallway past fourth door. Gregore breaks some windows.
>03.11 North Wall Door 1 — Dragos opens the door. Office, paperwork, minor mold. Admin office, probably
>03.12 North Wall Door 2 — Kendra opens the door. Office, paperwork, admin office
>03.13 North Wall Door 3 — Dragos and Katarzyna go into the room. Office.
>03.14 North Wall Door 4 — Kendra opens the door. Office.
>03.15 West Wall Door 1 Warden’s Office — adjacent to perpendicular hallway — Gregore walks in. There is a safe. Key Lock. Gregore calls Abner, who enters the room cautiously. Abner is unable to open the safe. This room feels “lighter” to him. Safe is 2ft x 2ft and bolted to the floor.
>03.16 West Wall Door 2 Guard’s Washroom just north of 03.15, last door in the hallway. — Door to a privy, wash barrels.

06 East Door
>06.1 Hallway — about 30 ft long. One window on the South wall. No doors on North wall. Door on East wall. Gregore and Dragos go through the East Door
>06.11 East Door — Metal Door — Vault door, it’s beyond Abner’s ability to open. Key lock. Gregore suggests using the Spirit Board to contact the spirit of the Warden. DEAD END ADDITIONAL AREA TO BE EXPLORED.

Interlude, Warden’s Office: Spirit Board and Planchette. The spirit in the room is not the Warden, not the Warden’s Wife, but bears the living no ill will.

05 East Doors
>05.1 Large Room — Auditorium/Courtroom — 60 ft long large room that stretches north. Caged area at front of room, benches beyond. There are double doors at the east end of the room, beyond the caged area and the benches.
>05.11 East Double Doors — Guard Training Room — Northeast wall is partially fallen, pond outside is visible through the opening. There is a hole in the floor surrounded by scorch marks. Looks like a training room for the guards. There is a wall to the north of the room that appears to be adjacent to an interior space to the north of this room, though the east wall is clearly the exterior of the building. Gregore advances cautiously toward the scorch marks at the hole in the floor. Abner follows. Bits of rubble start moving, and flaming skulls appear. Dragos quickly dispatches one, as does Katarzyna. Gregore then destroys the third one, before they can attack. There is a door on the North Wall
Gated Alcoves — Holding cells
>05.111 North Wall Door — Furnace Room —Gregore opens the door. A huge stone furnace dominates the room. The entire east wall is burned away, and the eastern half of the room is flooded from the sinkhole/pond outside. Dragos, Abner and Gregore go into the room. Dragos and Gregore notice a copper plaque that says “Ember Maw” on the furnace. Kendra tells that the prison had executed a person by burning him alive in a furnace. She’s quick to point out that it may not have happened during Hawkrun’s watch. While they are discussing the matter, the Ember Maw emits a gout of flame directly at Dragos. He lobs a flask of holy water at the thing, and it responds by attacking Dragos again. Gregore douses it with holy water. They defeat the creature, then place the bones in the pond water to cool, presumably to rest. There is another wall, on the south wall of an alcove on the west wall. The person who died in the furnace was “Benjan Arisma”.
>05.1111 Alcove Door — Infirmary — Attacked by incorporeal undead. Dragos unleashes a special arrow at the thing, which wounds it. The thing then attacks Dragos, but misses. It attacks Gregore, but he shakes off its attempt to lift him with its power. Gregore shatters the creature. Dragos finds four light blue potions (probably Cure Light Wounds). Gregore finds a Healer’s Kit. They then find another Healer’s Kit, three vials of antitoxin, two vials of antiplague. 3 doses of blood block, 2 doses smelling salts, 2 vials of soothing serum.
>05.11111 — South Double Doors — Long hallway, 50ft length.
>05.111111 — East Doors
>05.111112 — East Doors
>05.111113 — West Door
>05.111114 — South Doors
>05.11112 — West Door 1 —
>05.11113 — West Door 2 —
>05.11114 — West Door 3 —

The group returns to town. They all have a glass of scotch. Katarzyna and Kendra get dressed in their most fetching outfits for Katarzyna’s Outward Inn singing engagement. Abner, Kendra, Gregore and Dragos agree to attend the singing event. Before they leave, Dragos and Gregore go to Illindri’s room to check on her and administer hypnosis treatment.

After everyone is ready, they head over to the Outward Inn. They are greeted by Jominda, Sarianna Vai, the Luthkos, and a few other townsfolk. Councilmen Muracar and Hearthmount attend. Father Grimburrow and two Pharasma acolytes also arrive. Rufio also attends. Katarzyna sings and is well received by the audience. Councilman Muracar approaches Katarzyna in a very lascivious way. Katarzyna graciously greets all of her well-wishers. Gregore and Kendra return to the estate early, while Abner, Dragos and Katarzyna stay out late at the Outward Inn.

At the Lorrimor Estate, Gregore hears a scream coming from the kitchen. He sees Kendra backing out of the kitchen. The reanimated corpse of Petros Lorrimor emerges from the kitchen, menacing Kendra. Gregore attacks the corpse. The fight goes poorly for Gregore. Kendra regains some presence of mind and joins the fight, but does very little to affect the corpse of her father or halt its approach. Gregore finally defeats the undead Professor. Kendra pours holy water over the body of her father and weeps, Gregore performs last rites on the body, and moves it to the carriage house. Kendra and Gregore have tea and read in the carriage house with the body of the Professor, intent on holding a vigil for the entire night.

Abner, Dragos and Katarzyna return to the estate. Victor greets them, and tells Abner and Dragos to go to the carriage house, as Katarzyna is quite inebriated and not very coherent. Abner and Dragos go into the carriage house, where Gregore shows Dragos and Abner the body of the Professor. Abner comforts Kendra. Dragos and Gregore work to put the Professor’s body to rest once and for all.

Inside the manor house, Victor sits with Katarzyna in the parlor as they sip tea and eat pastries, so that she can sober up a bit, but she ends up falling asleep on the divan. Victor wakes her and guides her up to her room, where she quickly falls asleep again.

During the rest of the night, Abner works in the kitchen, while Gregore holds a vigil for the Professor.

Sunday, May 11, 758, Ravengro, Ustalav

The morning dawns and Katarzyna is blissfully unaware of what happened the night before until Abner whispers in her ear. She immediately goes to the carriage house. Gregore and Dragos fill her in on what happened. Abner joins them and gives them all breakfast pies.

They take the wagon with the Professor’s remains across the south bridge to avoid the town square, and make their way to the Temple of Pharasma. Katarzyna, Kendra, and Dragos go into the church for the sermon. Gregore and Abner wait outside. Father Grimburrow gives the sermon. The atmosphere is rather uneasy in the church. As people are filing out of the church, a raven lands on a post, and people look askance at Gregore, as if the raven bodes ill. One of the priests approaches Gregore and Abner, and they lead him outside to the wagon. The priest quickly goes into the church to fetch Father Grimburrow. Someone else goes and summons Sheriff Benjan. Grimburrow wishes to make a prayer over Gregore, and lifts away his fatigue.

Sheriff Benjan arrives at the Temple, with Leromar in tow. There are people tagging along. Riff is among them, and is as antisocial as ever. Vrodish and Tresselblade are also present. Father Grimburrow brings Benjan over to see the Professor’s body, while Dragos holds the collar of the bound and contrite Leromar. Everyone goes inside the church, where the body of Kasomar is laid out. Kasomar gives the same answers as the previous day, sealing Leromar’s fate. Riff is incensed and lashes out. Vrodish is preoccupied and oblivious, Tresselblade is pensive and observant. Benjan takes Leromar away.

Professor Lorrimor is laid to rest again. They have another small service, and Kendra appears to be a lot more settled in her mind than she had been earlier. She lays a rose atop her father’s grave marker. They all file out of the cemetery and head back toward to the Temple of Pharasma.

Katarzyna takes Gregore aside, and makes him promise her that if she dies, he is to make sure that her body is not reanimated as a restless dead. Gregore seems to think it is unlikely that they would be in a situation in which she is dead and he is not, but agrees nevertheless.

Father Grimburrow has finished up with the body of Kasomar Horgan. The group buries the body of Kasomar at his family plot. Steam—or fog—wafts out of the grave of the newly buried Kasomar. The fog coalesces into a form that resembles Leromar, but older, which they take to be Kasomar as he appeared in life. The form speaks, and identifies itself as Kasomar. It thanks them for releasing him. Kasomar tells them that Leromar murdered Kasomar after a night of drinking. Leromar then chopped up the body and buried it in the woods, where Katarzyna and Dragos had discovered it.

Kasomar’s spirit wishes to guide them to where his inheritence is hidden. The spectral form pets Old River, and says goodbye to his trusted friend. Old River barks, and makes it clear that he wants the party to follow him. Old River leads them out of the cemetery. It takes an hour and a half to get to where Old River leads them. They go north of the river, and cross an old rock wall. They go to a huge willow tree, and Old River indicates the spot. They dig at the indicated spot. Grimburrow tells them that the lands are the Horgan Farm. Gregore and Dragos find a chest in the ground. The chest is locked. Abner opens the chest. Katarzyna sits with the dog. There are various items of value in the chest. There is a silver sickle. A small wooden box, and a scroll tube. The scroll tube includes the deed to the Horgan Farm. There is a box, containing two small bottles and a vial. The bottles are magical. They are transmutation magic. The bottles contain oil. The vial appears to be an alchemical substance. Kendra identifies the vial as antitoxin.

They discuss the next steps. They agree to attend the hearing for Leromar. They speak at length with Grimburrow, discuss everything they found at the Prison the previous day.



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