Dragos Van Caver

Inquisitor of Ezra


Dragos is a tall pale and yet somehow still dark figure of a man. Shoulder length hair with dark eyes and five o clock shadow on his face.

Age 25, 5’7”, 190 lbs. Pale skin, dark hair, brown eyes. Carries a staff and a longsword. Wears a tall hat with a wide brim, black cloak and clothes.



Dragos gave his life battling an Ala. He had gotten the Ala’s attention to buy a fellow group member time to be healed. The Ala was a vicious powerful evil fey opponent. The fatal strike was a bite from the hag’s toothy maw that ripped most of his throat away.

When his body was given over to the Ezrites in Lepidstadt, he was raised and sent on a mission for the church.

He then reunited with the group in Caliphas and helped take down the vampire serial killers who were straining the vampire/human treaty.

Excerpt from Lorrimor Journal #29

Erik and Lasvia Van Caver were a happy and wealthy family. Married only few months, they were surprised and blessed with an early pregnancy. They were so happy and excited they decided to travel to visit both sets of parents to give them the good news.

It was a few days ride to their parents and traveled with their best guards and most trusted servants. They struck out and the trip was great but as they were reaching their destination on the last evening they met up with a very unusual fog. The mist seemed almost alive and disconcerting. They stopped to assess the mist and decide if they should brave it, to push on to their destination, which was only a few miles away. Instead the mist moved out and engulfed them within moments. Hearts began beating fast, sweat formed on their brows despite the cool air, an unnatural fear gripped the men and horses and both had to be calmed.

After what seemed to be a few minutes the fog receded but the land had changed, the stars where different. They decided to there and then make camp to collect themselves before pressing on. While the fog had lifted the trepidation and dread did not. The morning brought light but no clarity to their situation. The land still foreign and despite the light the colors still muted. While they were no longer sure where they were going they decided to break camp and move forward. That next evening they were attacked by some large man shaped wolves that walked on two legs. Erik Van Caver and the guards fought very bravely, but when the Captain of the Guard realized that it was a losing battle he gave the command to the carriage driver to run the horses. Erik rejoined his family despite being torn because he could hear the screams of his men behind and wanted to return to help them but knew it was futile.

The driver, Lasvia, and two servants in the carriage were terrified. Erik on his horse led them and rode for what seemed to be ten miles when they came to a mountain and saw a distant light. They could not make out what it illuminated but decided that it could be a place of salvation. Slowly they made their way up the hill and as they approached they saw it was a great old castle.

The doors of the castle were opened to them. The staff aided and gave them some comfort but something about their demeanor was off, subdued. Once warmed and fed they were given an audience with the Count, he provided them succor, promised them that he would have his staff look for their guards, and that they could stay on as guests for however long it took to make sense of what had happened in the mists.

They thought they were safe….

A few months passed and they found the Count both charming fascinated them, and it seemed they fascinated him likewise. On the few times they tried to depart and start a new life he would persuade them to stay on and enjoy life in the castle and his company. The Count found them charming, brand new play things…it had been so long since he had any high class wealthy thralls…so he drew out as much out of their spirits and companionship without touching either one of them, a sort of psychic remora or leech of you will, always taking never giving. However the Van Caver servants seemed so unlike themselves of late. More months passed and the Van Cavers knew something was amiss but with the babes birth only days away had to wait to leave the castle. The count by then had grown tired of their company but he so loved the taste of the blood of unborn new life and the hysterical fear protective mothers would get. So he had bided his time. He would drink of Lasvia’s blood and take her in the embrace while she was in labor and then feast on the new born babe’s blood as well.

Erik too late learned of the counts plan. Erik’s thoughts were of his beloved wife and unborn child as he confronted the count. Alas Erik was slain. The count indeed supped on the blood of Lasvia as she was giving birth to Dragos. The Count however decided to wait to embrace Dragos, preferring to enhance the experience with the most delicious taste of all…..fear mixed with the utter grief of betrayal.

In Drago’s tenth year, the Count had suffered a great humiliation and loss and decided to take Dragos in the embrace in his rage. In the Counts state however he had lost his control over some his thralls. Lasvia and the Van Caver servants had woken in his rage. Working to quickly take advantage of the chaos at the castle they laid the way and time for Dragos to run and save himself. Dragos ran as instructed, crying and then finally numb he wandered. The enraged count slew his mother and regained control of the rest of the thralls. He set about to search for Dragos but the mists are ever cruel, even to their favorites. The Count never found Dragos but instead was found by a traveling Anchorite of Ezra named Encario. The Anchorite took him in and led him to the Temple in Borca.

At the temple Dragos found salvation and in the ranks of the Inquisitors he found both a focus and funnel for his rage.

Dragos Van Caver

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