Vulpinal, Agathion


From the black “socks” on her cheerfully bouncing legs to her large, perked ears and the whiskers at the end of her muzzle, this creature looks like nothing so much as a small, humanoid fox. Bits of clover and dew cling to her loose traveling clothes in places, but dirt and dust are nowhere to be seen, even on her feet and hand-like forepaws. Her amber eyes radiate a sense of supernatural calm as she puts a golden flute to her lips and plays a hauntingly beautiful melody.


Lachalla was summoned by Kendra as a servitor but did not know that she would trap her in Ravenloft forever. After a tense beginning Lachalla forgave Kendra since the intent was pure. In the war of the Black Crusade she worked as a messenger and diplomat between the arrayed forces of Ustalav.


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