Lyvar Hawkran (deceased/ghost)

Former Warden of Harrowstone Prison


Lyvar Hawkran was head warden of Harrowstone prison near Ravengro, in Canterwall county, Ustalav, where he bravely died in a great fire in 708 preventing a mass prisoner escape by sacrificing himself. He was married to Vesorianna Hawkran and they both lived in a house within the prison walls; unfortunately, his wife also lost her life that fateful day. His death and that of his wife are commemorated on the Harrowstone Memorial in Ravengro.

Some say that after his death, the spirit of Warden Hawkran rose as a ghost and continued his work to keep the spirits of the inmates within the prison but this is only said by the old superstitious citizens of Ravengro on dark lit nights trying to spook children.


Lyvar Hawkran (deceased/ghost)

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