Guide in the employ of Count Galdana


Marcus is a long time guide of Count Galdana whose area expertise lies in deep Adghain valley. Katarzyna was assigned him as a guide when she acted as an emissary for Count Galdana to the Caliban of Adgain Valley. They became friendly with each other.


Marcus shared the tale of his past- Born in the northern Margreve to a poor woodcutter and herbal woman, he learned much of his wood lore and gained an affinity to nature. When Marcus became a man he joined the Ustalav military and was stationed along the coast of Caliphas. Near the village of Vhauntil he met and fell in love with a girl who came from a well to do family that raised flowers for sale to perfumeries. Her father did not approve of Marcus and so forbade her to see him. For a while, they tried to avoid each other but they could not and so began meeting in secret. One day about six months later her father caught them in the throws of amorousness. Her father disgusted by what he thought as his daughters lustful disgrace of the family and raged about how he would get Marcus locked up for despoiling his property and get his daughter sent to Lake Kavapesta to become a penitent. In fear, they decided to run. Marcus stole away with her in the middle of the night and ran north. Her family hounded them always just behind. After a few months, they believed they lost them and settle down in Barstoi. They began a life together, married in secret, built a cottage and she conceived. He would trade goods in town and he believes that one of her father’s men tracked them there. One night their cottage was attacked and paid assassins beat him and slit his throat in front of her. They thought him dead and he supposed most likely took her away. Eventually, he awoke barely alive with help from a local herbal woman that sensed something wrong within the cottage while passing by. Mumbling incoherently she could not tell what happened, for the seen was ghastly with several dead. She did not find his wife and so put him on her donkey and brought him home to care for him. When he awoke days later they recanted their tales to each other and he began to try to search for his love. Weakly he searched and the area where he looked was small. As he gained strength the area increased but he had no luck. When he was well enough he decided she must have been dragged back toward her family. Traveling in secret back to Vhauntil he searched her families estate only to discover they were having a funeral for her. His rage grew as he only saw relief on their faces and no sadness for her passing. He noticed in the crowd was one of the assassins. Marcus decided to ambush him to find out what happened. He eventually caught him and dragged him to a shed where he interrogated him. The man told of tale of collecting fog in the cottage and deep shadows that attacked the men. This assassin only lived because he ran as fast as possible after shoving Marcus’ love toward it. Enraged and seeing this man as the focal point for all that had befallen him, Marcus slew him. He then traveled back north to continue his search for her and his child. His efforts proved fruitless. He even consulted both a medium and a gypsy to locate her. Dejected he sunk into alcohol and stayed there until Count Galdana found and upon hearing his story from the other regulars of the tavern decided to help the man find a new life. A long slow process but he slowly returned most of the way to the land of the living and found new direction.


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