Piper of Illmarsh (deceased/ghost)

One of the five most notorious prisoners of Harrowstone.


A notorious prisoner of Harrowstone near Ravengro, the Piper of Illmarsh’s real name was, and is, unknown. The Piper was a murderer whose signature style of killing involved his masterwork silver flute, poison and stirges. His victims would hear a sorrowful tune played on the flute before they were killed by the Piper: he would use lich dust to poison their food in order to paralyze them, and then let his pet stirges drink his victim’s blood.

The Piper was located on the second floor of Harrowstone in the west wing. He manifested himself and played a mournful dirge on his flute. His music caused those listen to become unnerved. The music also stirred the bones of the dead in the area and brought in nesting stirges from the Harrowstone roof. Spectral stirges rushed at the group while they attempted to banish him. Kendra played the Piper’s flute and its music assailed the piper causing his spectre pain. The playing of the flute took its toll on Kendra as well. Within moments blood began to come from Kendra’s eyes, ears, and fingertips. The will of the party was strong and fought off the influence of the piper allowing them to concentrate and quickly banish the Piper.


Piper of Illmarsh (deceased/ghost)

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