Vesorianna Hawkran (deceased/ghost)

Wife of the warden of Harrowstone Prison


Vesorianna Hawkran was the wife of Lyvar Hawkran; her husband was the head warden of Harrowstone prison near Ravengro, in Canterwall county, Ustalav. They both lived together in a house within the prison grounds.


On the day when her husband bravely died in a great fire in 708, after preventing a mass prisoner escape, Vesorianna came to the prison to look for her husband. Discovering the chaos at the prison, in her fear, she exacerbated the problem and was restrained. Tragically, she then lost her own life in the smoke caused by the fire, as she was held by her restraints. Her death is commemorated on the Harrowstone Memorial in Ravengro.

The group believes that the Splatter Man is spelling out the name of Vesorianna on the towns memorial. The question is why? Where the Splatter Man is concerned no good thing can come of it.

Vesorianna Hawkran (deceased/ghost)

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